One is the loneliest number

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by CATO, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Keep playing in the wilderness without the ability to protect yourself and this is what happens. Maybe he should have told the bear that he was unarmed and that the game wardens would be hunting him down if he was hurt. Bears understand that and would have quickly fled.
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    I think Dragonfly needs to take his neighbor and local county inspectors "hiking" in bear country.
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    People forget the "WILD" part of wilderness.......
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  6. beast

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    yup, people seem to think that country and wilderness are just cities with less houses, parks so to speak
    ive always enjoyed watchin fools come to my area to camp and tryin to pet the wildlife or climb into a pasture to pet the bull
    the sad part is if they get hurt or killed for being so ignorant it winds up being the honest farmers liability, not their own
    and people wonder why farmers hate citiots...
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    Oh Look! A cute little bear cub...
    That aside, I do most of my trekking alone. I prefer to ride my bike to somewhere I have never been and find a place to stop and catch a fish or shoot something for dinner or maybe just get some sardines and crackers and a bottle of water at a cool little country store and say howdy to the folks that I'll likely never see again. I guess I am sort of different because I don't usually take photos or souvenirs:I remember well enough without them. When I am alone, there is no need to maintain a conversation or consult with another if I change my plans, although I do check in with my cellphone once in a while.
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    I have to laugh at myself. I probably should've clarified a little: "If you go swim with sharks, take a pal."

    I certainly don't practice what I preach. I too do all of my adventures alone and prefer it that way. I bought a SPOT for any emergencies. However, if I kayak off-shore, I still would prefer to have company just in case. The ocean is unforgiving and while beautiful, I am ever-aware that I'm surrounded by potential death when I'm out.
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    I ride the woods hereabouts alone at times too. I have had laydowns (soft Florida sand is NICE to crash in....) and just had to pick myself and the bike up again.
    Once saw a Youtube video of a father with helmetcam, riding behind his son in the woods - then a mountain lion dashes out and chases the son for a few seconds! SHEESH! I'd have major oucker factor and need a new seatcover if that happened to me! :eek:
  10. beast

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    im a loner too, always go out by myself
    just as much cuz i like it that way as that there is really noone that wants to join me
    i never take a cell either, just my bowie and machete :D
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    Out where I live, you ARE alone most of the time, Period.... In the Winter, there are just some things that YOU do NOT DO..... One is, go out in a small boat, on the 34F water. NOPE, that is summer time only fun. Mr. WX is VERY Unforgiving, if you make a mistake in a boat, in winter, and Mr. DEAD is ready, and willing, to take you with him. ..... YMMV....
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    You know, if something bad ever happens to you and you end up on a slab, if Johnny Law starts asking around...your neighbors/co-workers are going to sell you out: "He was always such a doesn't surprise me that he was one of those crazy survivalist nuts...really, what does a person need with all that food and ammunition clips? If there was something to happen, the government would provide for us. You know, he had fertilizer too...I saw him putting it on his garden...a likely story."

    You all are a bunch of loner, survivalist nuts!! [imwithstupid1] :D

    Probably safer that way...if something does happen, your food will last longer if you can stay out of sight.
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    Hehehe..... my neighbors would be more of the "He had WHAT!?" type. I haven't let them see any of my preps, have not mentioned anything to them. If my home ever burns, they'll know I had SOMETHING interesting stashed in there..... ;)
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    I meant it more in the vein of "Hi, did you know that XYZ had 40,000 rounds of ammunition and 5 assault rifles? Did he ever do anything to make you think he was up to malfeasance?"

    "Well, he WAS a loner. ...didn't really talk much...always nice, but never really anything more than a "Hi," or "Nasty weather, eh?" Now it all makes sense...he was one of those survival you think there's any landmines around here?"
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  15. beast

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    lots o land mines in the pasture
    they explode with smell and leave a
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    I'd rather die going it alone than die waiting for someone to go with me.

    Besides, you learn more alone. Unfortunately, some of the things I've seen while alone are not believed by anyone I tell my stories to. Ah well, I didn't do it for them anyway.
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  17. Robryan

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    If you are alone and hike all the time, I would bet that your chances of dying in the woods is less then the chances of dying from complications of obesity.
  18. BTPost

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    Depends on the Woods, the time of Year, and how well you know the country, and, weather.... Lots of folks, try living up here, in the woods, and die trying.... ..... YMMV.....
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    It takes a hearty S.O.B. to make it through the winter up there alone... All it takes is one minor thing to go wrong, with no communication to call for help, and it's game over...
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    Guess that's why I like doing a lot of things on my own...Not that I am a gambler, especially with my own life by any means....But most of what I've seen and been present at the right place and right time for, most people wouldn't believe me anyhow! But it's been a helluva great time....Maybe I'll get a golden retriever and tell him my stories? Sitting in a recliner with a fire in the fireplace, and smoking my pipe....Oh wait, that was one of those magazine covers from waaay back when!
    I have discovered that a lack of conversation can be quite comforting at times when alone in th keep your wits about you, not being distracted and learn and see much more that way. Or, you may talk to yourself and scare the crap out of the local wldlife...! Works for me!
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