One Pre-Packed SHTF Bag Grab & Go No Time for Anything Else Your Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    I've been totally Negligent having One Pre-Packed SHTF Bag to Grab & Go (For a period under 8 days) as I have several different bags/suitcases of stuff which won't help me if I have to leave immediately and I hope to put this bag together by the end of the month.

    1. Is there any particular bag model and brand you'd recommend (i.e. one with several compartments, etc. instead of just one open area like a gym bag?

    2. Here is my tentative list& Keys are in my pocket. Anything you'd add or delete/reduce?

    Important ID/Papers
    Glasses (Reading & Distance)
    3 Pair Underwear
    4-6 Campfire Meal Packets (Freeze Dried Meals just need water)
    2 pair Shorts
    Jogging Outfit (Pants & Jacket)
    Sleeping Bag
    2 T Shirts
    Lantern (Battery operated)
    Pocket sized battery operated digital TV
    Pen which doubles as weapon
    Sun Glasses
    Bottles of Water
    Insulated Thermos
    Soap Bottle
    ToothPaste, floss, toothbrush, Mouthwash
    Hair Brush
    Dry Nose Spray
    Electric Razor
    Baseball Cap
    Flonase & Claritin D
    Prescription Medicine 30-60 Day Supply
    First Aid Kit inc Bandages
    Utensils Plates
    Nail Cutter
    Smartphone charger
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  2. AxesAreBetter

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    What is the knife? Um...shelter, anyone? How hot/cold does it get there? Nothing to hunt/fish/trap or cook in, for that matter. I'd drop a tshirt minimum for a loose longsleeve to keep the sun/bugs down. I'd get a longer term canteen, water filter...camelback would be good for you if you are carrying bulk water, which you seem to be.
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  3. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    Good idea for the longsleeve. Shelter is the sleeping bag (one of these super small devices just for emergency not camping). As I'm in LA not preparing for cold.. Have Food for 8-12 meals. Just add water to Campfire Meals in packet. Nothing for hunt/fish/trap by choice (that is another discussion). This is just to get me through for a few days and manage in civilization afterwards (i.e. am getting out of area I'm living in and rest of the US isn't affected enough that I have to immediately leave). This is a supposition on my part that you may not agree with and I'm limited by the size of one bag and the weight it can hold and I can carry. What is camelback?
  4. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    You seem to have hygiene and health covered but @AxesAreBetter is correct, shelter. A tarp would serve you well. LA gets rain. I recall LA was getting too much rain. You need to prepare for all weather.
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  5. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Survival is not lasting a few days.... most of the die off after SHTF, will be after week two. After that point, grocery stores will be empty and folks will be raiding their neighbors for food or better to live another day.

    If you have only a few days of food......[sheep]
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  6. Imasham

    Imasham Monkey

    Here are my thoughts at random:

    Before you can plan for this you need to know how long you expect to depend on this BOB. Is this for just a few days? I assume it is since you have only 4-6 meals, an unmentioned number of bottles of water but no water filter. I presume this means you are not expecting to have any other water source.

    You have freeze dried meal why are you bringing plates? Just eat out of the packet. Besides, you won't be able to wash them as you appear to not have enough water for that.

    I would suggest some extra socks would be much more beneficial than extra underwear.

    Again, a length of time you are planning for would be helpful but since it appears to be a short time then in my opinion you are too focused on grooming supplies. For a few days you can do without a shaver, deodorant, hair brush, mouthwash, shampoo, etc.

    My assumption that you are planning for just a few days is contradicted by your 30-60 days worth of meds. So what exactly is the time frame?

    Is your phone charger solar? Will it charge the electric razor?

    A thermos is typically used to keep hot things hot but you have no method of cooking, heating or even starting a fire.

    I seem to recall from another post that you are from California. If so then that explains why you have no cold weather supplies.
  7. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    camelback is a large plastic bag that serves as a reservoir for usually a gallon or more of water connected to a drinking hose.
    Seriously, a 10'x8' tarp costs, like, 10 bucks and weights 1-2lbs? I'd get a roll of tarred bankline as well so you can tie things (always something).
    My current edc belt pouch 10"x8"x2"(?) has a 30gallon straw, tinderbox, ferro rod, sun glass, 30 storm matches in a safe, 50 ft bankline, a 4" folding hacksaw, a multitool, altoid fishing kit, spare pocket knife, stick of fatwood, whetrock, micro compass, and my phones, in addition to anything else I throw in there. Plus at least a bowie, or a kephart knife and pistol. It's not really all that heavy...actually, take a look at this, might help, idk.

    15lbs that'll save your bacon right there. A fair piece of it has migrated to my edc, but you can get some clear ideas on what I think are minimums in a kit for unknown territory or for places where accidents could turn dangerous.
  8. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    I have a slightly different concept. If it were an End of the World or Every place in the US has the same Terrible situation, 1 bag ain't gonna cut it for at least me to survive. I'm looking at a situation where I just have to get out of the area to say another State or City and need something to get me by for several days to a week. When I'm safe civilization I can buy what else I need and get back to my home when things clear up right away.

    Thanks Will revise my list. Can one buy this EDC belt pouch or is this something you put together for yourself?
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  9. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    Yeah. I carry most of that in my store. PM me.
  10. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    Yeah a few days to a week. I should have stated that in my original thread and will revise it. Good point on the plates. Razor will have power for 60 minutes or so. Under Armour Themos I have keeps things cold for 12 hours. Meds I can see your point but that's the one thing I can't do without (Coumadin in particular) and psychological it makes me feel more secure knowing I have more than enough even though I'm planning for a short period of time. I haven't worn socks since I move to LA 12 years ago. The grooming stuff id just so that people feel safer and more cooperative with me than if I give off an unclean appearance.

    Thanks Didn't know you had a store. Is it on the Web. Will PM you in a few days if you don't mind..
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  11. Imasham

    Imasham Monkey

    You can buy pre-made kits but then you are getting what the seller thinks you need. It's just my opinion but I feel putting a kit together based on items you are familiar with and know how to use is best. You know what you like. You know what your abilities are. You know what foods you like. That said...when it comes to preparedness, some is ALWAYS better than none.

    You should test everything to gain experience and confidence. Have you ever used those small, lightweight emergency sleeping bags? What will you sleep on? What will protect you from the rain?

    The greatest thing is that you are thinking and planning and preparing!
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  12. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    You can click the Redwolf under my name if you want to take a look around about 2/3 of the store online. And I don't mind a bit if you want to wait a few days. If the weather cooperates I think I'm gonna shoot some footage on the pouch tomorrow, maybe run a kit up in the store anyway. Thanks for the idea.
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  13. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    Pack like you are going on vacation and going to be living in a hotel/motel. Have a fair amount of cash - one, 5s and 10s.

    Good luck....
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  14. Imasham

    Imasham Monkey

    Probably against my better judgement I'll bring this up but what about protecting yourself? You mention a pen that doubles as a weapon. That seems to me to imply a last ditch, close in fighting weapon. Do you know how to use it? Are you capable of using it?

    Now I don't have one in my kit or even own one but many American preparedness believers have a firearm. Is that something that could be beneficial to you? It adds expense, weight and you need to really know how to use it however it provides protection from further away and can often be useful just by brandishing it.

    In response to your comment about not wearing socks...could you walk for many miles/hours and still be OK? If so, then whatever floats your boat.

    By the you have a place to go if needed? If not, where will you go and do you know how to get there? A highway map could be helpful. Cross country is generally faster though but you will probably need a different map and perhaps a compass.
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  15. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    If that is one of those foil sleeping bags, have you ever slept in one? They...crinkle, alot. Might be worth a test try if you haven't. I know that the temp and weather out here bounce so much out here that you'll be hypothermic in the morning, hyperthermic in the afternoon, and drowning in humidity near dark...tend to carry a lot of varied sleeping gear to deal with it. Very odd environment.
    Really, there are a lot of projectile weapon options out there. I would ALWAYS pick at least one for every situation you can get away with carrying them.
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  16. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    Thank you. I honestly never heard/thought of an EDC belt pouch which reflects my lack of knowledge and its a great idea. That's one of the main reasons I appreciate this site. Despite what some people may think, while I'm not hardcore, I'm not totally close minded either if it fits my situation and I think it will improve things for me in something I hope I never have the need for.
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  17. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    Good point but I'm just considering I'm limited by one bag though perhaps now an EDF belt pouch too. At home I have several stun guns/tasers that I never carry for self defense other than a stun gun key chain. While I do acknowledge that I will need some firearms in case people try to invade my home, I'm not at the point psychologically of having them for legal reasons- I have no problem of using them in self defense but I'm not ready to deal with the legal ramifications even if I'm in the right. Hopefully I'll feel more comfortable and get training in the future.

    Yesir, lol! Will test one now based on your comment! I agree with you on the projectile weapons. I use to have a taser gun (one that fires tasers) and need to get another one in the future.
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  18. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    Decent start. I'd also consider some pepper spray too, since you seem to be adamantly squeamish. haha.
    Seriously, what constitutes a knife you are willing to bet your life on as your only tool??
  19. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey+++

    This one
    TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife, Half-Serrated Blade, 4-1/2-Inch Closed
    which isn't that easy for me to open I'm actually pretty good at avoiding confrontations in real life as opposed to the internet. Not squeamish about using a weapon if I have no other choice but about dealing with the Law in the aftermath. I've watched too many Datelines, 48 Hours etc., to trust the justice system. I say this because from being raised in NYC and dealing with psychos daily and then living in other cities and dealing with more psychos and violent losers, you kind of develop an instinct on who to avoid even when crossing the street.

    Great video presentation. Very well done. Is that you? I'll add a few more items based on the video especially a map! My difference between seeing this and my situation is I'll be starting out in a City and hoping to make it out of the City as opposed to being in the middle of the woods.
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  20. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    With the emphasis on personal hygiene and grooming provision in your kit...I'm surprised you haven't packed a few condoms as well. Even TEOTWAWKI survivors can get lucky! :ROFLMAO:
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