One week after a flood

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    I was on vacation while I watched the little town I work in get flooded from T/S debby. I figured I would come back a week later to a few wet spots here and there. Boy was I wrong.
    I learned first hand the value of a map, because I had to switch directions five times to get to work.
    If I didn't have a map, I likely would not have gotten to work, and this was a town I am familiar with. Imagine if it were a strange town to me.
    Here are just a few pictures I could capture while driving. Keep in mind this is a week after a flood and six days of hot sunny weather.
    Full sized truck barely made it through here
    There was a road here. Bet you can't see it though.
    Businesses still shut down
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    Had some flooding down here, but not as bad as that! The water soaked into the dry ground - we've been in drought for several years. Luckily my particular AO was just barely on the edge of Debby's rampage. Many others weren't as lucky.
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