Opinions on small multi fuel stoves.....

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by stg58, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Despite the opinion of many, including other experienced backpackers, I do not like liquid stoves. I started in the military with one of those compact trioxane powered stoves. Today, I have an Esbit stove with dozens of cheap fuel tabs. They are inexpensive, lightweight, compact, and serve my needs.

    I can carry the stove, and enough fuel for 2 weeks in a crown royal bag, and it only weighs a few ounces.
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    i say make a rocket stove
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    I really like my MSR Universal. Does everything pretty darn good... Look into it.
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    I like them and also like the fuel tab stoves I use a Nessbitt kit for a quick cuppa or bag of ramin or other quick cook items.
    On the liquid fuel stoves while they are handy for items that require longer cooking times but etra caution is needed to secure the fuel from leaks on other gear, I never rule out a small fire or cooking on coals and a wood gasification stove is handy too.
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    I have an MSR XGK for winter use, an older SVEA 123, the one stove that works, it is so simple.

    I also have and carry as the mood/weather strikes me a modified Esbit and a surplus Trangia alcohol stove.

    All have their plus and minuses.

    The XGK has a rigid fuel tube, but will burn darn near any liquid.
    The SVEA was for years, THE mountaineering stove of choice and it is still my go-to gas stove.
    The alcohol stove takes a bit longer to boil water, etc, but is completely silent in operation and produces no light when operating - two big deals.

    The Esbit will take a cube to boil two cups of water but is dead simple to use.



    I've modified my Esbit to make it easy to use a canteen cup. The side panels help in the wind and with one side removed, twigs can be used as fuel if one cube of Esbit is not quite enough.

    Good luck.
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    I own several of the Coleman dual fuel stoves, and they are well built and reliable. I love these stoves. Essentially, if it's a combustible liquid, such as gasoline or naptha, it will burn it.

    By the way, if you guys didn't know before, you don't have to waste money on lighter fluid, when you can buy large containers of Coleman Fuel.
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    I've got several but other than a wood fire my MSR whisperlite international is my go to. Burns darn near everything lived off it for a week including melting snow off one 33 oz tank of coleman gas, never had to rebuild it though I keep the kit with me. Its been up several mountains and does'nt sag at 10,000 + feet like canned fuels
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