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    I am new to HAM and will be taking my tests this tuesday. BTPost and other monkeys have helping me getting orientated and recommendations on radio equipment. I have a good idea of what base station i am looking for now to get started.

    I have a small lot in a subdivision and a wife who doesn't want ugly radio crap in plain site, and I think it would be better to not advertise that we have communications.

    So i've been looking for an all band hf antenna that would not be hard to hide and provide acceptable performance.

    I'm thinking of ordering a QSO-King in 120' length. My shack will be on the south end middle of my house, so the end feed will work well. It has good reviews and costs under a $100.

    Anyone have an opinion on these or know of another system that would fit the bill?

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    This would be my personal choice...

    6-band Hexbeam, looks like an old-school circular clothes-line. Doesn't HAVE to be mounted up high to work well.
    KIO Technology
    You could probably use a tuner to get above 20M.
    Reviews on eHam. Hexbeam: by K4KIO Product Reviews

    FT-857D mobile HF/VHF/UHF, 160 to 6 meter bands plus the 144 MHz and 430 MHz. Remote-mountable face.
    Yaesu FT-857D Amateur Transceiver FT857D
    Everyone says the multi-function buttons/ knobs and the menu are a PITA to work, so i'd run the rig with the free version of Ham Radio Deluxe on a laptop.

    K4HLW | Ham Radio Deluxe

    Ignore all the ham guys who insist you need 'X' 120VAC power supply...and instead, run the rig off a true deep-cycle trolling-motor battery, with a Schumacher battery charger recharging it. That way, WHEN the power grid goes down for who-knows-how-long, you'll be able to use your radio.
    Super Start Marine 31DCM - Deep Cycle Battery | O'Reilly Auto Parts
    Schumacher Electric SE70MA - Metal Hand-Held Linear Battery Charger/Starter | O'Reilly Auto Parts
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    thanks for the reply, but that antenna would be clearly visible, require a tower/mast, doesn't support 40/60/75/80/160 and it is $800.
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    ...but besides that Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play??:rolleyes:[sarc1]
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    Can you put up a flag pole? There are plenty of vertical HF antennas about flying a flag that no one begins to suspect is actually an antenna. 18 ft will get you down to 20 meter band, 31 down to 40 and 43 down to 80 meters.

    There are a few books that may help:
    Radio Society of Great Britian's 'Stealth Antennas'
    'Stealth Amateur Radio: Operate from Anywhere'

    There have been numerous articles in QST magazine over the years of very covert home brew antennas. This could yield a double benefit in that building your own will teach you a lot more plus you get a stealth antenna to boot.

    There are lots of ham discussions groups that have whole threads on stealth antennas. I read of folks who made rain gutter antennas, buried dipoles under vinyl siding, attic installations, hidden within the branches of large trees, and even just simple dipoles in the open that just weren't very noticeable and only a comms guy would recognize what it was. The reason there is so much info is because many hams, especially older ones in retirement communities, have nazi homeowners associations that enforce every crossed T and dotted I in the deed restrictions and HOA contracts that prohibit outside antennas so they must work around those.

    I don't have any bookmarks to provide you but I did encounter several of these a few years ago when searching out some info on portable antenna systems and airborn repeaters. And there is another option for you. A portable field type system you can quickly set-up and take down only when operating. Operated at night and who'd see it and know?

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  7. ghrit

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    Yep. Try this as a starter -
    stealth antennas - Google Search
  8. Oddmar

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    I posted that antenna because, if you read the reviews on eHam, you will find it works GREAT, everyone gives it a 5/5 rating, that's rare.

    If you paint it olive-drab, it is almost invisible. Many hams just mount their's on the roof, no mast. If you dig around on the net, there are plans for building your own from fiberglass poles and wire. A little work but alot cheaper.

    It's alot to ask of ANY antenna to go all the way to 160m. Antennas for 160m are Huge. But you can probably use an external tuner on the 20m wire, if you separate the band wires with a remote switcher at the antenna base. Or use the tuner with a nice thin 40m dipole.
    MFJ-993B HF Automatic Tuner.
    MFJ-993B Automatic Antenna Tuner, MFJ993B, mfj5124

    Or look for another cheaper one, but for the money that one does alot.

    This is just advice. I'm certain you won't take it.
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