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    I'm looking for a British-issued basha that is sold in the U.S. I've found many, but they're all sold in the UK or are not real bashas. Does anyone know of a military surplus carrier that sells these in the U.S.? I'm looking for the brit version of woodland camo (not desert like the pic below). Bashas are very tough pieces of equipment and have heavy duty eyelets.


    NOTE: I have a Swack Shack, but I'm looking for a basha (specifically).


    **Not interested in discussing why I can't just use a poncho or a tarp. I'm specifically looking for a basha.
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    Silverman's also might carry it there on there website the exhange rate can be done on the website if i remember it right at check out
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    Aussie Hoochies

    The Brit Basha sounds like the Australian Hoochie (half shelter) used by the Aussie military....two half shelters can be joined together with press-studs to make a shelter for two. These should be readily available from online stores / e-bay.

    Australian Hoochie Tarp Flysheet - Jon's Bushcraft SHOP

    Gear Review. Auscam Hootchie Tarp - Part 1. - YouTube

    9 Different Poncho Survival Shelter Set-Ups - YouTube

    Anyone skilled at origami should be able to fashion a design that suits the particular circumstances. Under certain atmospheric conditions, internal condensation can be an issue, though if the walls are angled correctly and the hoochie kept taut, condensation should run down the tarp instead of dripping on the sleeper/s below. Digging shallow, surface water diversion drainage trenches is highly recommended.
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