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    First I need to thank everyone for letting me blow up the forum with all my questions. I tend to ask a lot I, learn better that way. I apologize if I come off as a total newbie.

    That being said,

    Ive recently purchased a new in box mask SGE 400/3. and a couple of MSA CBRN canisters.
    Does it matter if I unwrap the canisters? I feel the mask needs to be equipped to be any good. last thing I want to be doing when the detergent plant down the road releases a chlorine cloud is trying to screw on filters!
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    Your questions are always welcome. Lots of folks here enjoy helping, and sometimes it's hard to search and find what you need. We are always improving and trying to bring the best information to people. We have plenty of folks here who know quite a bit. A lot of this stuff we have already thought of through the years...

    Yes, it matters because it will effect the life of the filters, but not the same way it would if you were to use them by breathing through them. Also, it depends on the packaging. How hard would it be to open the sealed package? If it takes longer than 10 seconds, I would think of another way to do it. For instance, I unwrapped my filters and attached them to my mask, this took about two minutes as I fumbled around! Then, I took the entire mask and sealed it in a Foodsaver bag and vacuum sealed it.

    Notice, I marked the edge with a sharpie and notched it so I can rip it very easily with my bare hands to open. In 3 seconds I can have my mask ready to dawn.

    This shows a mask set without being vacuum sealed, and one already set and good to go. Unwrapping and sealing will not decrease the effectiveness of the filters. Only long term exposure would cause degradation.
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    I would train with the mask and learn how to properly wear it in a timely manner, repetition is your friend in training.... and then learn to seal it for proper use. The only way you will get a good seal is if the canister is installed as well why you are finalizing this training. Once you are complete with learning how to use it, put it in a zip lock bag to protect it from dust and so on. Once you learn how to dawn the mask quickly and use the filter... as well as doing a filter swap (which you can practice with the same filter), I doubt you will be as concerned about having the filter pre-installed.
    Good luck and breath well ;)
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    Vacuum sealing is a great idea!!
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    Great idea with the Vacuum bags...
    I just shaved the beard! didn't seal well with all the hair...
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    That is typically why you do not see combat troops with facial hair.... it obstructs a good seal with the mask.
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    And the Israeli mask is a little different. It's a matter of preference, but you can seal this up in a vacuum bag as well. The filters are sealed, and I keep mine this way until I am ready to deploy, then I attach it. The respirators I showed above are more for everyday use I keep in the vehicle and such.

    DSC00004.JPG This Israeli mask also is a part of my NBC readiness kit, and the leg packs are standard for this setup (for me). I keep a Tyvek body suit inside, heavy rubber milspec gloves, nitride gloves, the mask drink tube, a canteen with attachment for drinking, duct tape, and a K-8 Nuke rad detector.
    DSC00005.JPG DSC00006.JPG
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    my mask has 3 ports.. I assume 2 cans for balance and comfort but is there a need for 2 let alone 3 cans?
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    Some of the civilian/commercial masks are designed that way to maximize airflow so you can breathe easier, and to maximize the use of the filters. They are more long term (generally), but each filter TYPE is rated separately, so pay SPECIAL attention to what the filters are rated for, i.e. aerosols, gases, etc. With military masks, you have a supply (logistics) channel to keep you fueled with what you need, so changing filters isn't a tough thing to do. Also, military filters are mostly designed to permit the firing of a weapon, so they typically couldn't have a filter sticking out on both sides.

    Knowing how a mask works (basics) will help, too. You will have a place for your breath to exhale, and one or two places for a filter to attach (inhale). Upon dawning you will also clear your mask.

    Clear your mask:

    1)Hold your breath and close your eyes. You stopped breathing in an attack, right?
    2)Put your mask on.
    3)Put your hands over the exhalation vent to seal it.
    4)Blow out hard. You will feel the air escape around the edges of the mask.
    5)When you are almost done with your exhale, remove your hand to clear the filter and keep exhaling.
    6)Before you take a breath, put your hands over the filter vent(s) to prevent air from coming in the filter(s).
    7)Suck in, you should feel it tighten around your face, and no air coming in.

    Your mask is now correctly sealed and you can open your eyes, breathe normally.
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    Good ideas.
    One little suggestion: include a pair of small low profile swimmer goggles in the bag too. You want to protect your eyes so they don't water or burn nor easily allow bad agents to enter your body through your tear ducts or membranes around your eyes.

    Years ago I bought from a military type catalog like Brigade Quartermaster or similar a small activated charcoal gas mask that was trapazoid shape and folded flat. Think of a heavy padded envelop about 6-7" long and 4" wide that opened along one long edge and similar construction as a 3M N100 mask but with 1/4 thick layer of charcoal integrated on each side. You fit your mouth and nose into the open edge and pressed the metal nose into shape to seal around your nose; it fit remarkably well.

    When I used to fly 3-5 days per week all over US I'd carry that flat stuck in my day planner or brief case plus a small pair of swim goggles. It's generally the toxic fumes in plane crashes (PBS' science show Nova had a whole episode about what kills in crashes back in the 80's) and in hotel fires that kill or incapacitate. I went thru security literally hundreds and hundreds of times and never once did they get even a look. (figured a regular gas mask on an airliner would raise questions if they knew.) I would love to find another of those masks or two but haven't seen them in probably 15+ years).

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    The evac-u8 smoke hood is a pretty simple design for travelers.
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    I have a beard (wife won't let me shave it off LOL) and had to wear filters when cleaning the gun range that I worked at. Even had a guy from OSHA come in to teach us the correct way to use them. Myself and 3 other guys all had beards. I made sure I trimmed mine that morning, the other didn't.

    When testing the fit of the filters the instructor had some sort of irritant smoke (almost like pepper spray). I was the only one with a beard that was able to get a seal. Afterwards 2 of the other guys went to goatees.

    Here's a page that suggests using banana oil (Amyl Acetate) ampules to test the mask, but I would guess something like smelling salts would also work, depending on the type of mask being used.
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    Thank you for the link and thought. I appreciate the help.

    I have seen these and 3M even makes a couple similar charcoal masks but they have an exhaust valve. The one I have is much thicker and robust with more aggressive, behind the head elastic that literally straps it to your face. I have not pursued these as I am skeptical, maybe un-necessarily, these would adequately protect in heavy toxic smoke (not devoid of oxygen). But like a little pocket pistol, having something small all the time is better than having something bigger and stronger just occasionally and not when you need it. Maybe I'll look into them more.

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