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    Our 15 yr old daughter came home today from a 21 day trip to Outward Bound North Carolina. North Carolina Outward Bound

    Her packing list include 2 whole pairs of Socks, 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of Shorts... 21 days.. Pretty extreme. She loved it and gave me a report on the way home from Asheville.

    Longest hike was 15 miles, Pack weighed 70 pounds, Longest time without sleep was a 26 hour hump after a 45 minute nap... SHE LOVED IT...

    Strange, she has been heading to the side of the house to take a leak all night. Sitting in a sleeping bag on the floor too. House is too cold and she can't breathe inside.

    She also had a 2 night 3 day solo trip where she was given a bagel, some cheese, and an orange. Had Iodine tabs already. Rained the whole solo time so she tucked in under the tarp, (No tents) and hunkered down.

    She climbed mountain peaks, and cut herself loose from a strap during a River canoe rapids spill. Her group spent most days hiking until 2 or 3 in the morning. The structure was HEAVY on instruction and then they were challenged to use those skills.

    All this from a bubble gum chewing, cell phone head teen who was getting a little soft around the middle. SHe could kick my ass right now and could prolly skate through Boot camp. She put on my Kifaru pack that weighs in at around 50 pounds a little while ago and snickered... This all you carry Dad?

    Her biggest concern when heading out was the lack of showers and Deoderant. She hasn't even taken a shower yet tonight and we've been home for 4 hours. Funny what 21 days in the middle of no where will do to your priorities.

    We are pleased to see the confidence and poise she suddenly has. It's almost like she is looking at others around her and thinking: THose wimps couldn't do what I just did.

    She wants to do the 70 day trip next summer.

    OH!!. Her and another girl split a grub or slug one night. My son asked why and her reply was that it was there. That's hardcore to be a voluntary bug eater

    Some pics from the NCOB site:
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    Well done, Dad.
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    Well I'm twice her age and you can tell her that she definitely has more guts than me. I don't deal with rapids and I am afraid of heights. Way to go for her. Kind of wish my non-existent parents would have gotten me into those activities when I was younger. Might have gotten over my fears by now. Haha.
  6. BRONZ

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    wow at 15,
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    I'll expect a full report from her when I visit.

  8. melbo

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    And you'll have it. She is telling me she's going with us on the trip.?..?
  9. JC Refuge

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    Are they letting women into Special Forces yet? Sound like you've got a budding Green Beret or SEAL there, Pops! :)
  10. melbo

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    sad how things can change in 2 years.
  11. hacon1

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    ????? I take it things haven't went well?
  12. Tracy

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    It's amazing how things can change in two years...
    It's like when you have a dream and then you wake up in the middle of the night... As you drift off into sleep again... you begin a new dream.

    Sweet dreams,
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