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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Seacowboys, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I have no issues with having to participate in measures and activities that sort of make sense, even if I disagree with them, but I have serious problems when required to participate in the overtly stupid; such as airport security, for example. I believe this whole exercise in so-called "Security" is nothing more at best, than a continuance of operate conditioning being shoved down our throats by those that support the new world order, and at worst, it is Pavlovian conditioning designed to see just how many burning hoops we, as a people, will jump through on the command of our self-appointed keepers. How in the hell does a $7.00 tube of tooth paste present a threat to anyone on an airplane? Since that one idiot blew his toes off, has anyone actually ever found a bomb in somebody's shoe? How many planes have been brought down by a bic lighter? Does my pen-knife really threaten your security that badly? I'm still thinking about how a 16 ounce bottle of over-priced drinking water can take out a plane? Maybe we could drown the flight attendant with it and depress the pilot into suicide, since he would not get laid that night? While I surely understand the need to have federal laws against counterfeiting for example, I miss the logic in prison time for sneaking a cigarette in the toilet, regardless of how many rabid anti-smokers are on the plane. There just seems like there should be more potential for harm than second-hand smoke, to justify our tax dollars being spent to prosecute and imprison a nicotine addict. It is my contention that the federal .gov is deliberately making air travel cumbersome and difficult for an entirely different agenda than they would have us believe. Follow me here for a minute; the up and coming is a preflight approved passenger card (read : National I.D.) or a chip that says you have been pre-screened. It is a back-door to where they have been headed for a while. Make it too difficult to go there on your own, and you'll jump at registering to make it easier by just getting a little I.D. chip. You watch; betcha dinner we'll see that one before the election.
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    Oh SEACOWBOY, you are so on "the level!" It's all A CROCK ya know... but SHEEPLE love things labeled as "A CONVENIENCE", that's why government does it thatta way. They're sneaky & know how to package stuff "just right for the sheeple!" The more that the sheeple request "their so-called-conveniences/safety measures" the better the chances of it all becoming imposed on us all! Aaaaaaah, the future sounds like a real goodie!?!?!? (sarcasm) I already take offense to wearing seatbelts and so on.... That's my business/choice and no one elses!!! This sounds like so many other things in diguise as "for the welfare of all" ~ YEA RIGHT!?!?! There's NAIS http://nonais.org/ , and etc.... What a load of CR*P!!!! Ya know, I've always been the shy, sweet, quiet girl... and since I hit about 20 or 21 I don't know what happened???? They always thought that "the cat got my tongue" or who knows what? prior to that.... Finally I found "MY VOICE", and after a whole lot more life experience/wisdom... I see that every year it gets WORSE, & WORSE, & WORSE AND WORSE! Overall anyone who meets me thinks I'm a positive person, but I am "A REALIST" & things are screwed up/need some SERIOUS FIXIN'!!!!

    Rock on [rockon] SEACOWBOY,
    I know I hear ya! [winkthumb]


    P.S.- I won't even go into DETAILS about WHERE THEY CAN STICK THEIR I.D. CHIP!!!! I'll have no part in it, that's for sure....
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    I totally agree, and add to that, how much more difficult is it to just travel between states with gas prices the way they are, and Oil companies posting record profits... Stay where you are citizens...
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