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  1. KAS

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    what kind of paper work do yall have that you plan on taking with u in the case of evacuation ??
    IE birth certificates ,insurance ,paper ect ect
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    The binder with mortgage papers, ss cards and birth certificates. I am sure people have a more complete lists.
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  3. ghrit

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    Hm. Interesting question. Take two possible scenarios that want different resources. If truly TEOTWAWKI, not much in the way of paperwork is going to mean anything. If temporarily bailing out of (say) a fire zone, it's a different question entirely. Taking a mental inventory of the necessary, there isn't much that cannot be replaced readily after a temporary crisis. Methinks one good bit of ID (driver's license and passport) is all that's needed to start from a destructive event. Family pix looks high on my list of irreplaceables.
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  4. NotSoSneaky

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    There are very, very few reasons we would abandon home and evac, but we will never allow ourselves to be places in any .gov shelter. If we did indeed need to un-ass the AO here's what we'd bring.

    Copies of all ID cards / SSN cards, concealed pistol permits, original deeds to realestate, vehicle titles, registration and proof of insurance, list of all internal possessions on house with pictures, make & model and serial number. Insurance policies for house, "specialties/high value riders", vehicles, and life. Inventory of select firearms with pictures and serial numbers. Hard copy of contacts list to include doctors, dentist and specialists, current prescriptions. Military records / ID / DD214. Licenses and medical history of pets.

    All of this lives in an accordion folder in a secure location easily accessible on the way out.

    Need moar lists ? <--- not affiliated to link in any manner but the lists are comprehensive.
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    We also include a cd/pin drive which has copies of all of the family wedding pictures, and family histories... and don't forget recipes...
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  7. BTPost

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    @NotSoSneaky 's List is very good.... Property Deeds are very important, as are Insurance Policies. PassPorts or at least copies of Passports.
    If you have a scanner to convert ALL Your Important Doc's to .PDF Files and then store them on a FEW, USB Flash Drives, along with a suitable Laptop, Notebook, or iPad like Device. We keep all those files (Encrypted) on both our iPads, so we maintain Multiple Backups which is especially Nice, when Momma is traveling. If something should happen to either of US, the other will have copies of ALL Relevant Documents, with them, and can recall them with the Encryption Key, very easily. ......
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  8. William Antrum

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    Here is how I do it an trick I learned from a warrant officer on how to track your troops in this case your family.

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  9. KAS

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    thank people this was the exact type of info i was looking for ...
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