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  1. 2Munkeez

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    i've decided to make a couple paracord bracelets. i've found tutorials that are quite informative. i have no real knotwork or brading experience. what i'm trying to find out is: which method, or design, will allow for the MOST amount of cord to be carried on the wrist. i want it to look nice, but am concerend more about how much cord is condensed and how easy it is to unwind/use the cord.

    thanx in advance, for any help
  2. chelloveck

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    Consult a paracord guru.

    Consult Falcon15 one of the site's paracord gurus.

    The following threads may be helpful inspiratioin for your quest.

    Regards, Chelloveck$-wounded-warriors.html<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
  3. SoCal09

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    A king cobra knot would utilize the most cordage
  4. Falcon15

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    To clear any misconception up, what is commonly called a "King Cobra" knot is actually a fusion knot known as a Solomon Bar. This is one of the easiest beginner knots. It does use cordage like mad. 8' of paracord, knotted properly creates a 6" flat bar with a nice 1" loop on one end for attaching to a split ring.

    Here are some great tutorial videos on how to tie a Solomon Bar:

    Single color Solomon Bar:
    YouTube - How to Make a Solomon Bar by TIAT

    Banded (Dual Color) Solomon Bar:
    YouTube - How to Make a Banded Solomon Bar Fob by TIAT
  5. SoCal09

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    That would be a "cobra" knot, not a "king cobra" knot
  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    The "King Cobra" is simply "over tieing" the existing solomon's bar with another set of stitches....
  7. Falcon15

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    99.9% of people refer to the basic Solomon Bar as a "King Cobra" knot. A Double Solomon Bar is the true "KING". It is a Solomon bar none-the-less. Have to know the basic Solomon bar before you try the double.
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