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    This from an email today:

    You were asking for para cord information. I don;t have a lot but here's what I've got...

    For boot laces when in the Marines we used to remove the cord from the the outer sheath. This leaves just the sheath, which we were told has 150# test. The para cord is supposed to be 550# test when used as-is.

    Then, we'd melt the tips into a point. Let cool. Next, go to your nearby electronics store or electric section of a big box hardware store. Get some hear shrink electrical insulating tubing in black or whatever color you want. Cut a 1" piece, slip over the ends, then shrink with heat to make a shoestring-like tip to make threading easier.

    We also use this to any other purpose when we needed 150# test, not the 550# test.

    Once I did not have a rifle sling and had to walk many miles with my rifle. I doubled over a long piece of para cord and braided a piece long enough to act as a sling. I tied this to the rifle and had a serviceable sling.

    Once on a winter camping trip the zipper in my tent failed. I stripped the string out from the inside of the 550 cord and used one piece as a large thread. Using a knife point to make small holes, I threaded the string through the two sides and sewed the hole back up.

    Given that what one can do with 550# cord is limited only by one's imagination, the main thing is to make sure you have enough of it on hand when you need it.
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    -You can use the inner strands as dental floss (be careful trying this, but it works in a pinch)
    -Inner strands also make Fishing line
    -Knife hilt wraps
    -quick draw loops on end of magazines

    I guess there are dozens of obvious uses for tying down and securing just about anything. 550 cord is a must for any kit.
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    I found so many varied uses for it, I bought 500 ft rolls of 4 colors:
    White, Black, OD, and Tan/coyote.
    Then I bought a 1000 ft roll of the camo colored.
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    Where is the most economical source to buy in quantity?
  5. tacmotusn

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    Try here. Best price I have found. Gladding Brands Real Military Paracord
    Their prices run right at $35 for 1000 feet.
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    When it comes to having enough when you need it...

    Melbo already mentioned the boot laces.... I prefer to leave the inner threads. That way you have nice leads for a trot line or snare.

    I also replace anything with a lanyard with 550 cord. Even if I still need the lanyard, I can use the inner threads for other things.

    Run a piece through the hem in the top of your pants. Then if you need your belt for something else (tourniquet or restricting bands) you won't lose your pants. You don't even have to tie it- leave it loose and you won't know it's there until you need it.

    550 cord makes a great belt if you are backpacking and your pants belt is rubbing your pack waist belt wrong.

    There are several ways described online for securing a length of 550 cord so that it's not a tangled mess. My wifey does one for me that binds it into a nice, tight wreath like circle. When I tug on the working end, it just unravels perfectly. These small bundles are perfect for throwing in the top of your pack.

    Pre-tie lengths onto the grommets of your poncho... saves time putting up that poncho hootch.

    Good, endless topic. :D
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    Here's the way I do it ;)
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    Beat this, in a pinch we used to on a backyard swing. Not exactly survival but hey I worked.
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