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    well it took longer than planned to get the net here, then there servers went bonkers so sunday was the first real day back on line, finally.

    well we are still unpacking, and i'm working werid shifts for now and the next couple weeks, so all i do is sleep and work right now.

    we got most of the weeds burned off the place, picked up a lot of trash, but still has more to go till i'm happy, the fence needs painting, need to string some new barbed wire, or hot wire.

    have meet a few neighbors and others, we seem to be surrounded by good folks, so far.

    killed a few skunks, 4 legged, we have plenty of deer, had about 5 last night bedding down right outside the outside the house, spotted them with my surefire.

    got a place picked out for a chicken coop, just need some plans, or idea's. garden will be going in soon , plus extra corn for the deer.

    anyway , it's time for me to get ready for work now.

    see ya'all at old as rocks place in may i hope

    Weps out!
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