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  1. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right area, but has anyone here used this company or heard anything about them????????? I cant find any info on them at all. Patriot Food Club

    Thanks Casey
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    That link has not been vetted, use caution when clicking. Right off the bat, they want contact info.
  3. Seems like good deal, but I'm standoffish about "Good deals" that I don't know much about. Was hoping someone here either has used them or heard about them good or bad.
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    Never heard of them. Where did you learn of them? Have you tasted the food? I know that Shelf Reliance- Thrive has a pay monthly program. I have a couple buckets from not well known companies, I figure I will save them for when I am really hungry.

    Are you looking for a monthly plan? Thrive is interesting. You check off the foods you hope to accumulate then set amount you want to spend monthly. They start shipping items each month on your cue within your budget. Here: Thrive Life - Food Storage, Emergency Kits, Food Storage Racks
    I personally didn't do it because I like thrive veggies and fruit but like Mt house entrees, plus grains and shipping is cheap at Honeyville.

    PS- Thrive occasionally has great food clearance deals.
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  5. I ordered some things from Survival Kit and the website for the Patriot Food Club was part of the email. It sounds a lot like the Thrive Life you have mentioned. No I haven't eaten any of the food or anything. That's why I'm asking.
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    I wouldn't order to much until you taste it. I bought some MRE's and served them up for dinner one night. My children were quite vocal on what they thought, it wasn't positive. I know people will eat whatever when they are hungry but if it is food for just a snow storm I figure I wouldn't make them suffer.
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    I didn't even see what food was available in their spiel. Since it is part of Survival Kit, I'd recommend trying what food you have already received to see just how palatable it is...some LTS food is very salty. YMMV.
  8. I don't have any of their food. I ordered some fire starters from and when they emailed me the invoice they had a link to the Patriot Food Club.
    I was asking if anyone here has used or has any info on Patriot Food Club. Apparently no one does and that is telling me basically what I needed to know.
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    @techsar I think all survival entrees are real salty. That is why I look more at buying the ingredients and then making myself. Honeyville has great recipes using your long term storage foods. Here: In The Kitchen With Honeyville on the right hand side is lots of recipes that incorporate dehydrated foods.
  10. Thanks Motomom34
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    I tried to view the link on my phone but wouldn't open. My brother wanted my opinion a few months ago on a survival food plan called I don't know if it is affiliated with this one or not.

    That one started with multiple pages of doom and gloom to convince you of the need for emergency rations. Clue 1 to be very aware. So I dug into what they actually provided. Many "entre's" were soup mixes and the like. Didn't sound very good. Clue 2. Dug into the ingredients employed (always check this out). No meat - typical of lower quality or low cost food items. Lots of textured vegetable protein but no actual meat and hence no actual saturated fats. Then I checked actual serving sizes and calories. They were basing their 120 days worth or whatever it was on something like 1200 calories per day if I recall correctly. It wasn't many whatever it was and I recall thinking this was a good number for a highly aggressive weight loss program. Then when you started running the cost numbers for vegetable based calories the cost was well above just buying Mountain House, Auguson Farms, et al from, Ready Made Resources, etc.

    So, look carefully at what you are actually getting and really run the numbers before spending hundreds of dollars.

  12. I'm supicious of anything saying Patriot, Freedom, Tcatical anything now days. Everyone has jumped on that wagon to make a buck. I had a friend that fell for alot of the crap they advertise on the Glenn Beck show. It was all crap.
    Thats why I was asking ya'll about this.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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    I am like you, I am very suspicious of any Outfit that has "Buzz words" in it's Title, just for those reasons.... Much better to get some References, before plunking down the Cash....
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