Peak oil is BS!

Discussion in 'Peak Oil' started by ColtCarbine, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Got any links or info on Peak oil being BS post them up.

    Post #13 interview with Shell Oil's President is worth watching, if you watch non of the others.
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    Peak Oil is a lie.
    Watch this and see.
    President of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, on The Today Show stated that there is no shortage of gas and oil by any means what so ever, and that as a matter of fact only 15% of the outer continental shelf is even being used and 85% we're banned from exploring for oil and gas, and advocates public policy change so we *can* utilize what is in fact, readily available.

    So then, why are we being told we need the middle east's oil?
    Perhaps it's propaganda that supports the war effort.
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    Lindsey Williams reveals why the "oil crisis" is a lie and a power-grabbing scam to get total global control. There is no oil shortage, and gas prices should be below $2/gallon.

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    Recorded On March 7th, 2007. He flat out denies peak oil and speaks about the companies proven reserves (only 14 years worth). Matt Simmons came on the air after this interview and responded with his knowledge.

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    A conversation with John Hofmeister, President of Houston based Shell Oil Company.

    41 min interview, worth watching.

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    No Tracy I'm not trying to stir the pot. However, it probably appears that way because I'm of a different belief than the majority around here and don't write well enough to get my point across. So I've pretty much kept my nose out of this subject but can't take it any longer hearing this Peak Oil BS. I'm not a expert on economics and don't know enough about the oil industry so what's the point in trying to debate it.

    Personally I believe that Peak oil and all the hype is no different than Global Warming as being BS.

    I firmly believing that Peak Oil has an effect on supply and demand which is driving the price of through the roof and there seems to be no end in sight, at least if you buy into the Peak Oil BS.

    What do I know I'm just a dumb plumber trying to make ends meat and seeing absolutely everything rising in cost because of rising fuel prices.
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    Peak oil is most defiantly not BS. Its is just the way any depletion of finite resources works. production rises until you reach the mid-point then tapers off. It may or may not be BS that we are at peak now.
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    Maybe we are at Peak Oil when it comes to what is currently being pumped out of the earth. However, geologists say there is plenty of oil left in the ground, we just aren't going after it, aren't allowed to drill for it or regulations are so strict it makes it financially unfeasible to do so. Making us dependent on foreign oil since we can't drill for our own.
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    I've said it several times on this board, I'll say it again. The reason we are dependent on middle east oil is that we are draining them dry, so that when they are empty, we can turn to our own. The only problem I see with this is that when Ahab has no money to conduct his Jihad, he will infiltrate the rest of the world, more so than he is now. Then it will become Crusades, 4, 5, 6 or whatever we are up to now. As for the prices, I personally believe that it is just the oil companies way of maximizing profits before the fear of the Democrats come and take their tax shelters down to give to the spotted owls.
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    I don't know who to believe,All I can do is look for inconsistencies...
    they say we only have a few refineries in this country,with gas at $3.30 and going up, common sense says:
    1)building a refinery might make a company some major bux
    2) if the oil supply was in question building a refinery might lose a company their entire construction wager.
    So I see lack of refineries points to supply shortages.

    Exec's saying we've got enough for a long time keeps their stockholders from dumping their stock and running over to buy condom futures or pork bellies...

    people claiming gigantic reserves are already found we just have got to drill a caribou, are in effect saying "all your prayers are answered, life goes forward as usual; and you won't have to change a thing" Rule of thumb if it sounds too good to be true it probably is...
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    I trust no corporation when they tell me something that equals more money in their pocket.
    So tell me again what we had a shortage in the 70's?
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