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Discussion in 'Peak Oil' started by melbo, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I saw a show last night on the science channel. It's on Dish Network. And I guess other sattelite and cable nets. The show was titled ,
    " What If; The Oil Runs Out?" It was a pretty good program. It will probably be re-run but I don't have any dates or times for it.

    It was part documentary style interviews and part docu-drama. It was set in 2016 and chronicled one family in Minn. when oil passes $100 a barrel.
    It was well worth watching. If I see it on again I will give a heads up.
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  3. tsiemens

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    Oil prices and tightening supply is why we're putting in a wood stove. I'm tired of 100s of $$ per month in the winter being flushed when I can just get free wood from work! Sheesh!
  4. slots

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    Hi all

    I should have made my introduction else where, but I'm kinda shy :)

    Peak oil has been a worry to me for some months, and I have read all the various posts with much interest.

    The ducudrama mentioned above was shown in the UK last year - it is good.

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but some kindly soul has put it online (NOT ME!). If you want to see it follow the link below or use the direct link. Btw the directory also has the "End of suburbia" documentry - also peak oil related.

    if.the.oil.runs.out.avi 600mb


    Direct link:

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    Since this was posted, oil went thru $100, crashed to $35 and is now sitting slightly above $100 again. Some have blamed the financial crisis on the high cost of oil but I think it's more complicated than that.
  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    ya when it is no longer traded in USD , the it's 14.00 per usg & 12 yuan in China because or Russia made the deal with the EU !! known around but not reported in Nato areas
  7. Kingfish

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    Minute Man, I am reading your other post on Peak Oil and must say thank you for all the information. Peak oil is my biggest reason for driving myself to be more self reliant. You are spot on in that people all over the world have to drop the current mentality that there is always going to be enough oil to continue the way we are going. I do not however condone Agenda 21 and its implications. I see Urban sprawl as a blessing if people will become more independent. What I mean is this, we need to empower people to make 10% or more of their own energy. If every home In my state had enough solar on it to make 10% of their power (grid tied) WE WOULD SEE A LIGHTENING OF THE LOAD ON THE GRID AND LESS USE OF OIL . I do not see huge power companies building thousand acre solar farms and selling us this power. This is not the efficient way to do it. I want to see every home a small power plant all tied together, working together feeding the grid and taking from it. This is the future in my opinion. Some guys will be like TNANDY and build large arrays selling more power then they use others will be more like me making about 20 amps of 110. This should be a market where anyone can get in on it and start making energy. I see this as the future. Combination, mini hydro, wind and solar can all be used here on my homestead. We should not be burning the remaining oil but using it more wisely. Medicine, plastic and lubrication much of which can be recycled. Plastic and lube oil both can be recycled. Agenda 21 however puts us on a path of government control moving us off our lands and into tightly packed cities like worker bees. I will fight this. I see life going back to a much simpler way. Canning, gardening, heating with wood and conserving oil products for future use by our children. WE the people have to start waking up to what needs to be done or Government is going to force us into doing what the elite see fit to continue their own blood lines. Energy independence starts with the people. ALL of the people. I do see more and more every day of people fighting monsanto, fighting progressives and fighting globalism. Your first articles in that other thread are spot on. People need to produce food, shelter and fuel in their own LOCAL areas. This notion that we can ship Iron ore to one country who makes it into steel with coal imported from yet a third country is stupid. Here is where the huge waste of oil is really being hidden from the people. Huge cargo ships burning millions of gallons of oil in unnecessary shipping around the globe. This will stop and must stop. Free trade is the single largest waste of fuel in modern history(in my opinion) And it built the Chinese into a modern country who now competes with the U.S. for available oil.

    Yes sir, your posts are spot on. My little farm here is steadily moving towards energy independence, food independence, and fuel independence. Now again I am going to push for single family independence when it comes to electric cars. We are already starting to drive less and for me that has been to cut miles to 40% of what we were driving 5 years ago. I have 2004 Chevy Aveo it just turned over at 100,000 miles. Most people put that many on a car in 4 years. Running this lower mile per year average I can see myself in a small electric car which is charged by my own solar powered charger. With a 10 year battery pack I should be able to drive 50 to 100,000 miles in 10 years and never have to plug it into the grid. If every home had a small solar battery charger to charge their car the need for charging stations all over the country is lessened. Again I invoke empowering the people to do it themselves. Buy or build your own charger. You have room and there is really nothing stopping you from doing it. Battery packs with 50 to 100 mile range are the future. Short range cars working local and growing food local this plan works like 10. I am on this course now. KF
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  8. cjsloane

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    I disagreed with this at first because we don't burn oil to produce electricity (at least here in Vermont).
    But... my husband met a guy who has lots of solar panels and when he inputs more power than he uses he only gets a credit - not money. So he bought an electric car to use up his credits. The only problem is this doesn't encourage him to use less power.
  9. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    What I am saying is that we the people should all be small power companies feeding the grid instead of all of us draining it. This is the answer to power needs , empowering everyone the people not the power companies. Each home has plenty of room to make 10% of their power some have enough room to power several homes. Why not give us the people tax breaks to put up a solar panel and grid tie it? To me? there is no better way to grow ourselves into renewable energy. Add a few panels every year , get few bucks back on your taxes. Create incentive for people to upgrade their homes and tie them into the grid. At the same time guys like me will keep adding until we cut loose from the grid and run totally independent. I like this Idea way more then allowing government to dictate how its going to be.
  10. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    So he still uses lots of power however he is not using grid power so the load is lessened. This means less burden on the grid. If everyone did this in Vermont your power bills would be less and your power companies would not have to produce so much no matter what they burn.
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  11. cjsloane

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    Yes, except that I, personally am already off the grid.
  12. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    Do you make your own power? If so do you use Solar or another source?
  13. cjsloane

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    Solar with backup generator.
  14. BTPost

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    More than likely the cost of electricity will RISE, per unit, if the demand for it drops in any significant way... It is proven so in many places already, as the costs for transmission, and generation are fairly fixed for the major producers, that are NOT petroleum fueled. Less Demand and FIXED Costs, mean higher
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  15. Minuteman

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    Most electrical generation in the U.S. is either from coal or natural gas. Nat gas and oil are both basically the same animal and subject to the same dynamics.

    I agree with Kingfish in that we should all try to become more self sufficient. I like solar energy and would encourage anyone to utilize it. I'm not so much a fan of electric vehicles except in small communities where you don't have to travel far. Maybe in an urban environment but they are not practical for any long range or rural travel. But maybe someday technology will advance farther and they can become a viable option.
    One thing we can do right away is to switch ALL of our public transport in every major metropolitan area to run on natural gas. It not only is cleaner burning it is cheaper and more available. But, it is a finite resource just as is oil and subject to depletion and scarcity the same. The more we use the sooner we will be facing "Peak Gas". But that may give us the needed time and breathing room to develop alternatives to a point where they are not just feel good measures (mostly) but real and viable alternatives to fossil fuels.
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  16. BTPost

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    As I pointed out elsewhere here on the Monkey... It is Energy, that makes things "Go around" not just Petroleum, but ALL Energy Sources.... And the Sun, Mr Sol, The big bright thing that Rises in the East, and sets in the West, is NOW, AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN, the source of ALL Energy on this Rock. So what is REQUIRED, to keep things "Going Around" is Cheap Energy, that has few Side effects..... And until we get that handled, there will ALWAYS, be a Peak Energy Point looming in this planets future..... .....
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  17. ghrit

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    Think fission in the near term, and fusion down the road.
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  18. BTPost

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    And launch the Waste into the Sun, with a nuke Powered RailGun.... ......
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  19. shlljhn

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    The war that is going on in and around the world is for some sort of resources. Though the biggest one fight that has been going is for Oil. If you know American economy is falling so badly, day by day its collapsing. If you go on reading articles in any stock and anti-american sites. All the articles are on oil stocks. People are enjoying the high rise in oil stocks. One of the article that i found interesting on oil stocks was by Michael Lombardi at his site profit Confidential. Michael has written on the price rise. The crude is holding above $100.00 per barrel and continues to rise. If oil continues to be playing the growing role, the stokers may enjoy their outcome for a while but will surely bring disaster to the world economy. This will either lead to another world war. It also known that the next oil resource after the Saudi is China. And once the power comes in china...
  20. HK_User

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    The problem is and has been and will continue to be is that the State Utility Groups bump up the cost of you being on the grid or off the grid.

    In doubt?

    Check out what Idaho did and what Vermont wanted to do.

    Fact is, it's all about making each person pay to support the Power Companies.

    So the fix is in and this will not work.

    "This means less burden on the grid. If everyone did this in Vermont your power bills would be less and your power companies would not have to produce so much no matter what they burn."

    Vermont Utility tries to bill for off-grid power | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself
    And then check what Idaho did.

    "It seems that Entergy and Idaho Power feel that solar-powered homes are not paying their fair share of costs to maintain power lines and respond to outages since they often have lower monthly electric bills. It seems they believe the lost revenue resulting from net metering can cut into utility profits."

    FWIW, some (Utuiity Groups aka Power Companies) have charged a fine to anyone not on the grid. All it takes is a corrupt governemnt. It's listed as a fee for non service.

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