Peak Oil- what it is and how it will impact your life

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    What US should do to fight this 'oil war': Insana - Yahoo Finance

    Saudi Arabia, and its fellow members of OPEC, may have just launched an oil war.

    For American consumers of energy products, that may very well be the best news of 2014. But the Saudis don't appear to be letting oil prices drop out of the goodness of their hearts. Increasingly, energy experts are saying that the Saudis are using a menacing little maneuver to manipulate the price of crude back up by punishing companies - and countries - mainly the U.S. and its energy industry, by driving prices so low that the recent increases in domestic oil production will be scaled back dramatically as fracking becomes a money-losing endeavor for both marginal and major oil producers in the U.S.

    While the cost of fracking oil and gas can vary from $50 a barrel to $80 a barrel, the Saudis are intent on looking for the prices that will force U.S. energy production to collapse.

    If this is the war to end all oil wars, the U.S. should use every means at its disposal to win.
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  3. And here we are with an oil glut as fracking technology spreads around the world and alternative energy sources finally take off. What were you'all saying about peak what what?
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    When peak oil went bad, it went bad in a big way didn't it? Going back through the thread, it sure looks like those who claimed it was a crock in the first place were far better armed in the "understanding oil" department than those who thought it was a good rapture trigger.
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    It's funny to me that the cost of the basics food, electricity, etc keeps going up even though oil has not increased. we have inflation that is not oil driven. I find the very interesting
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