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    Polar Bear That Killed Student Was Starving

    I'll refrain from any op-ed about students/universities/professors venturing out into what is actually a very dangerous world where animals don't have supermarkets.

    Anyway, reading this it occurred to me that "bear flares" might be something useful to check into as another force multiplier.

    Anyone have any knowledge of them (read: actually used the perimeter defense system) or could offer any alternatives. I know there are seismic detectors and all of that, but I figure a bear alert system would be fairly cheap and uncomplicated...except in this case, where it either didn't work, or they didn't install it correctly. Additionally, having a few boxes of the flares might not be a bad idea just to have around.

    I have Googled and found plenty of bear bangers/flares, but not a system specifically set up as perimeter security.
  2. -06

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    The best laid plans of mice and men. They played in the wrong back yard.
  3. LogOut

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    Perimiter security is best defined as several trusted friends, each standing watch for a short time while armed with a 12 guage shotgun while the others sleep.
  4. BTPost

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    At least these Brits, were smart enough to have a FireArm, in the group, and did in the Bear, while being attacked. The Idiots in the PC USA/Alaska only had little cans of Bear Spray, when a Momma Brownie decided they were infringing on her territory, and decided to munch them. If your going into country where you are NOT at the Top of the Food Chain, you are wise to have an Equalizer on YOUR side, or suffer the consequences, of you stupid mistakes.... .... YMMV....
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  5. STANGF150

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    Bruce, no matter what part of the countryside I set foot into, I am Always the Apex Predator!! [gun]

    Only [sheep] believe Nature is friendly & cuddly.

    Once long ago I was at a friend's house in the countryside at 2am watching movies. A rather BIG bear went strolling thru the yard between the cars. Me & my friend's G/F had to tackle my friend to keep him from doing sumthing stupid. He'd got his shotgun & was gonna shoot birdshot at the bear to run it off. The G/F comes from a family of Hunter & I knew a lil about guns. So we both knew the Birdshot would just PISS THE BEAR OFF!!! An we didn't want our vehicles damaged in the following rampage! I sat on my friend fer the following half hour until the bear left. Occasionally smacking him in the back of the head & saying "Stupid". Eventually what I was saying soaked in.
  6. beast

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    "Bruce, no matter what part of the countryside I set foot into, I am Always the Apex Predator!! [gun]" quote from stangf150

    dont play in my woods, youll be second fiddle :p
  7. chelloveck

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    How much can a birdshot bear?

  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    at least it wasn't a suppressed ar-15 with an eleven inch barrel with a .22 conversion kit in place....[stirpot]
  9. jim2

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    Everyone asleep, and no one on guard duty. That about sums it up.

    I've watched a couple of documentaries on that same place that showed Earth Hippies getting eaten, and all of them had refused the loaner rifle the park keeps on hand for tourests to the glacer. If nothing else, it deepens the gene pool.

  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    well after all they were sleeping in holes dug on public land so who or what could ever find them...
  11. Kingfish

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    My perimeter security has nothing to do with bears or wild predators. We just dont have those animals here. We have a perimeter of sand bag ground blinds that are set up to defend our home from a ridge that encircles our house. You can not see our house from this high ground and the pits are set up in such a way that any intruders would have to cross open areas under fire from our defensive positions. As we are very heavily armed we would make anyone pay dearly trying to assault us. We use trail cams and motion sensors to alert us of anyone moving towards our house. I have wireless video right to my computer. Most of our land is 6 months away from being impassable by humans due to thorns and tangles, brush piles and other nasty surprises.

    We do however have two ways in and we keep those narrow pathways open. Those are old deer runways and the deer come into the food plots which are also killing fields. This puts deer in predictable areas for hunting and will also funnel intruders right into our crossfire. Our main are of defense however is 1/2 mile from our house. It is a culvert under the road that leads here. Both sides of this road are swamp and bottomless silt. That culvert will be blocked and defended from high ground on both sides of the road. No one will even be allowed to see the lake much less get to our homes. If we fail there we have to fall back to our defensive positions.

    This choke point is essential in our defense of the lake and our 40 or so inhabitants. We defend that culvert and no one even sees the houses or lake beyond it. Kingfish
  12. Nadja

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    I have wireless "driveway alerts" that you can buy on ebay for about 16.00 ea. They work well, and will soon be buying recharbale "enloop" for them. Also, have a dog that is not partial to any strangers etc. I had a large male white wolf, but he just got to nasty , even with us, so bye bye. Dobbies are also great watchdogs, especially the female type.
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  13. wrc223

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    As Seen on TV FACD12 Windows/doors Alarm#

    For perimeter security I use a combination of these and trip wires. Take the alarm and spray paint it od green. Tie the wire around the contact and set around your perimeter, cover with a piece of plastic and some leaves. Once you hear the little buggers go off, you have early heads up.
  14. CATO

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    Sounds like the perfect spot...I'm a bit envious.

    Now, if you just had one of these on that high spot....
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  15. Tikka

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  16. Falcon15

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  17. Kingfish

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    I m thinking a Serbu 50 cal even in Bolt action would be a great car stopper. Ive seen at 40 mm before. It is a true cannon.KF
  18. jaybow

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    Spent a few years in Alaska. Never went into the woods without my .357 and sometimes a rifle as well. When in "bear country" camping, we took watch shifts which sucked for getting sleep but BSTS. As far as my property here I like to use natural deterrents like spanish bayonet plants which are all around the house. Lots of gravel as well and motion lights an all four corners of the house. Add to this that I wake up with the drop of a pin.
  19. Kingfish

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    I like the new cameras in that last video. That Dakota system is good as well. We are using trail cams hooked to wireless sending units. I am thinking of getting some of those smaller ones that have infared. [fnny] I gotta have. KF
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