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    Just remember, we may see one thing, but until we understand our perspective and the perspective of what we see, our senses can deceive us.


    The girl in front is not a giant child. Both are about the same height.
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  2. Pax Mentis

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    Perspective matters in most things...
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    @Hanzo, I love this when you give us a riddle.

    The front girl: her leash is not Thank You, HANZO! You never disappoint.
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    The leash is on. The buckle goes up from the dangly strap.
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  5. UncleMorgan

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    Perspectives can conceal as well as reveal...
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    Most insightful, Hanzo. Welcome to the realm of shadow and light!

    Quantum physics theorizes that this entire reality is an illusory construct --and the math backs it up.


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    Hattori Hanzo is a master of shadow and light.
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  8. kellory

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    From the top, a well is a dark mysterious place that offers many mysteries.
    From the bottom, it is a dimly lit hole that offers no escape.
  9. ghrit

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    But, from the bottom, you can see stars in mid day. (Double that, if someone drops a wrench on your head.)
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    My friend, Kev, shared this online.


    I agree with it, except for the part about considering before talking/typing. I say... talk and type away. It is our right to do so and we are free to. Just remember that everything we say and do has consequences. And like I tell my soccer girls every season, consequences can be good as well as bad.

    To me, trying to not offend everybody or anybody all the time is offensive. Just understand the consequence(s). Consequences could mean you will get a butt whooping. Or just look at what being politically correct has already done to our country. That is a serious consequence.
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