PET Bottle Outrigger Canoe and other Boats

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    made from beer cans - more fun to build, eh?

    a barge made from beer cans hosting... a bar. Recycling at it's best in Oz.

    538 beer kegs, sailed across the Pacific - Japan to the US. (Backstory)

    Taking a long voyage in a strange boat is old stuff to Horie, who first came to San Francisco in 1962 at the helm of a 19-foot plywood boat named Mermaid that he'd sailed alone from Japan.

    Since then, he's crossed the Pacific in a nine-foot boat -- "I wanted to sail the biggest ocean in the smallest boat," he said -- made a nonstop voyage around the world and crossed the Pacific in a solar- powered boat made of recycled aluminum cans.

    Horie said he does it because yachting is a sport, and his record voyages are challenges. But his main purpose, he said, "is having fun."

    "Being out there is very exciting to me," he said.

    Horie announced his plans at the Maritime Museum at the foot of Polk Street in San Francisco, where his first boat is on display. Horie caused a sensation that summer 36 years ago when he sailed into the bay in his odd little boat and announced in his limited English that he'd sailed it from Japan all alone. No one had ever done such a thing before.

    He was 23, bashful and charming and was immediately the toast of the town. He was wined, dined and given the key to the city by Mayor George Christopher and a free wardrobe by an admiring businessman.

    He remembers it all fondly. "I still think of San Francisco as my second home," he said.

    Horie was hailed in the Japanese press as a second Lindbergh for his achievement and he wrote a book, had a movie made about his life and opened a coffee house in Japan.)
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    Some of the more high-tech entries into strange sailboats..


    No, they are sorta like wings...

    The French race these across the Atlantic and back for fun. Confirms your superstitions about the French. Fast enough that you cannot water ski behind them....
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    Typical Aussie sailors....HMAS (Her Majesty's Australian Ship)Saraya......
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    This one looks unsafe.It is so small and low. I do not think it would handle any type of waves but it is good to know I can make a boat out of recycling.
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    This is how I roll! I would take My Gullimot over any other non mortised boat on the planet!!!
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