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    insert eye rolling here...

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    Veterinary group rethinks fish toss in Seattle
    By DOUG ESSER – 12 hours ago

    SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle's famed fishmongers may be tossing rubber fish instead of real ones at a national veterinary association's convention next month following complaints from an animal-rights group.

    American Veterinary Medical Association chief executive Ron DeHaven said the Schaumburg, Ill.-based organization had thought inviting one of Seattle's top tourist attractions — the fish-throwers at the Pike Place Fish Market — to the event would be a great "team-building experience."

    But after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals raised concerns about the ethics of using dead fish as props at a veterinary event, DeHaven said the AVMA would explore other options, including an alternative PETA suggested: using rubber fish.

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    Urk. No words, none at all.
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    The dead fish aren't used as props. They are sold as food! Stupid PETA.

    My son ordered some literature from PETA. I was a little bit upset with him until the envelope showed up in the mail and I saw who it was addressed to... "Carni Vourus"...

    People Eating Tasty Animals (Thanks Rush)
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    Soooo...does this mean we eat Salad?

    Or that Salad is what food eats?

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    This is the part that I do not under stand.
    God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,”.
    What are we replenishing? What or who was here before the first two?
  6. CRC

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    <dl><dd class="hwrd">re·plen·ish [​IMG]</dd><dt class="pron">Pronunciation:</dt><dd class="pron"> \ri-ˈple-nish\ </dd><dt class="func">Function:</dt><dd class="func">verb </dd><dt class="ety">Etymology:</dt><dd class="ety">Middle English replenisshen, from Anglo-French repleniss-, stem of replenir to fill, from re- + plein full, from Latin plenus — more at full</dd><dt class="date">Date:</dt><dd class="date">14th century</dd></dl> transitive verb1 a: to fill with persons or animals : stock barchaic : to supply fully : perfect c: to fill with inspiration or power : nourish2 a: to fill or build up again <replenished his glass> b: to make good : replaceintransitive verb: to become full : fill up again
    — re·plen·ish·able [​IMG] \-ni-shə-bəl\ adjective
    — re·plen·ish·er noun
    — re·plen·ish·ment [​IMG] \-nish-mənt\ noun

    Maybe that's what it means.....Where's Minuteman?
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