Physical fitness and mental fortitude

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    So you have your preps supplies and paper or digital stores, bugout, bugin with all your widgets,gadgets and whatnot, then Mr. murphy hits you escape with a ruck. Can you move E&e and somehow survive? I can live for a week outa a small ruck, further than that Ive never experienced it. This is without a family to provide for. Travel 20+ miles a day I can do , But i have been out of shape and this would have seriously been challenging for me. I am of the quick and light variety. My question is can you LIVE/survive. I think physical fitness is one of the most important attributes after knowledge and experience.
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    Please forgive my rambling. What I meant to get across was are you fit enough for everyday activities? I know people that look out of shape but spend a few hours cutting wood, digging a ditch, or shoveling gravel with them and they work the h@!! out of you. This I think is mental fortitude. How do you stay in shape?
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    A good point, and a good reason for the entire family to take regular walks and hikes. Otherwise, you may have some very distorted notions of how far and how fast you could reasonably expect to travel. You yourself may be able to easily cover 10, 15, 20 miles in one day, over fairly easy terrain; but what about your four or five year old? How far and fast can you travel with him or her on your back, keeping off of roads and primary trails, up and down hillsides and across creeks? A unit moves as fast as its slowest man (or woman, or child).

    A "Dirty Harry" movie immortalized the line "A man's got to know his limitations." It's a truism. You should always work to improve on that limitation, but you need to have a realistic idea of what you can accomplish within a given time frame. Even those of us who plan on bugging in should have a fallback plan for an in extremis move. There's no honor in going out in a blaze of glory; just death.

    Hiking is a great way to get an idea of what is possible for you and your family, while staying (or getting) in shape, and having fun at the same time.
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