PICTURES! Of the Can Rotator Shelf We Built

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Kathy in WV, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    This is that shelf I wrote about in another post. I can't remember which post it was on so I'm just going to post it in a thread of its own. Hope I get this pic to post!
    Summer 2012 078.JPG Summer 2012 076.JPG
  2. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Kathy, that is just super. Simple and easily constructed yet works great. What degree down grade have you given it? How long are your shelves/wide? Is that 3/4 presswood? What is that edging material? Is there room at the rear to load the shelves? It is very impressive--but you need more "vittles"--lol.
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  3. kckndrgn

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    Looks good, are you loading from the side or the back?

    Almost looks like 1/2" OSB for the decking and some sort of plastic for the edging. Are your rows separated with anything?
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  4. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    Bwaa haaa haaa, that is just the corner of my pantry! My hubby is thinking about going back to school for a year so I'm putting up food to eat for that year. I'm not sure about the degree of drop but the front edge is 4 inches lower than the back one. It is indeed OSB because thats what we had laying around. Hasnt sagged yet but I'm watching it! But hes already said the next one is going to be plywood. We built this with heavy duty rollers so it pulls out easily for loading from the back. That way your newest cans go in the back and old stuff is at the front.
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  5. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    It is 3/4 OSB. Would you believe the edging is plastic corner bead that you put on sheetrock when you do the joint compound? Worked great! Its also used as a divider between each row. Don't use the metal kind, it is sharper than crap and guarantees you a bloody armed wife! lol and angry to boot.
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  6. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf Monkey+++

    Nice Job! It sure beats rotating the stuff manually the way I do!
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  7. bountyhunter

    bountyhunter Monkey+

    very nice job..just another project for me when i get moved to missouri in 2 months!!
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  8. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

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  9. -06

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    Is the "edging" stapled, nailed, screwed? Just a comment on your preps--good going Kathy.
  10. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    The edges are screwed down about every 16 inches or so. That corner beading is fairly stiff and it doesn't take much to stabilize it. And thank you for the compliment on preps!! I've just always done it because keeping food stores is mentioned "a few" lol, times in the Bible. Lots of good advice in there if people would really read it!

    My husband has got laid off before and we have lived on supplies we had put back at least twice. I would rather prep than be in a bind and forced to go on food stamps. And I am NOT downing anyone that is or has used them, but it's my job to feed my family not someone elses.
    I also try to keep enough supplies to make a years worth of laundry soap and tp and batteries, light bulbs, medicine, animal feed and... and... well, I think I found a forum where I finally fit in! lol [woot]
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