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please dont let TSHTF now

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by beast, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    sitting in cleveland for the last week and prolly at least another
    workin on refurbing an old duplex thats been empty for several years
    part of the roof is missing, interior is plaster n lathe
    wiring is cloth coated and needs replaced
    the old iron sewer pipes are all split
    most of the copper water pipes are too
    front porches are a disaster, lower pilars are pushing up thru the upper deck
    upper roof has dropped 12 inches, whole front wall is damaged
    foundations under the pilars are gone, will have to totally remove it all
    and rebuild from scratch
    tree grown up thru the hole in the roof
    been the last week removing it 1 foot at a time
    houses are so close together gotta drop the tree in short pieces
    daughter and her BFF bought the place to share so here i am doin the repairs...lol
    ill get the worst of it out of the way before i head home
    pretty solid old elizabethan, one of hundreds all identical but for paint and trim...lol
    dont know how anyone can stand houses like that
    anyways, lots of fun goin on here, ill keep lookin in here every day :)
  2. Tommygun0101

    Tommygun0101 Monkey+

    Rehabbing is lots of fun isn't it? LOL
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