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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jun 8, 2011.

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    How does a country who is in debt TRILLIONS of dollars promise to bailout another country by giving them tens of billions?

    a) borrow more money to give and add to the debt we already have
    b) crank up the printing presses

    I'll be the first to admit I'm not an economist or even well informed over foreign affairs, but this doesn't even pass the smell test...and, didn't this just happen last spring and here Greece is again at default's door. Even if you wanted to help, where do you get that kind of money if you're so deeply in debt AND how certain are you that it's going to be paid back? Just like the GM loss, the taxpayers are going to get reamed and there's not really anything they can do about it.

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    If the President and the U.S. Government "claim" to offer a bailout of any kind to foreign nations, it's a complete lie. The privately owned banks order the creation of the money, the U.S. Treasury prints it and sends it directly to the Federal Reserve (or as a ledger entry), then the privately owned FED lends it to whomever they interest, compound interest, plus its face value. The U.S. Government does not loan money as far as I know; It's not theirs to begin with.

    So, if we see this ruse playing out, just keep in mind it was only set up this way to give the illusion of what is being reported on...usually to stir up more drama and debate. Their panel of "experts" love talking endlessly about the economy and pointless topics to keep the people entertained. The U.S. economy is purposefully being run into the dirt, and with the banking cartels in charge of it all, it's no surprise. They do, after all want a global currency to replace that which exists already.
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