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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by sarawolf, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Hope everyones summer is being fruitfull one way or another.
    We are plugging along with one thing or another.
    We did get to start getting a couple of walls up on the parking lean-to last weekend and havent had a chance since.
    We moved the young chickens and the 4 turkeys down closer to the coop in outdoor pens, along with seperateing them. They dont like being apart it seems.
    I found 2 turkeys with the young chickens this morning and one 2 month old chick with the other 2 turkeys lol.
    Dave did get to mow some last Saturday.
    I have been drying herbs and strawberries also making preserves from the strawberry scraps. Our June bearing finally came ripe at the end of July.
    The picture of the strawberries that was 1 gallon of berries and 1 apple added to the preserves to make fuller jars.
    It is supposed to be aorund 80 for the next week and we sure could use some rain, we are turning brown and crunchy.
    We just heard that our oldest son and his family will start their move from N. VA the 12th of this month and should be in ID around the 18th.

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