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    Will this have any negative affect on someone that has had thyroid cancer and their entire thyroid removed?

    It says you fill the bottle up with water and let it soak for four hours and then can use it as a disinfectant. If you leave the water in a lot longer I am assuming it will dissolve all the crystals with enough time so if you poured the water out of the bottle after four hours and stored it in something like a transfer tube will it remain an effective disinfectant or will it go bad? They say the crystals have an indefinite shelf life so I am wondering if the treated base solution does also or if it will go bad. In other words can you prep some solution and then actually use it at a later time so you don't have to wait four hours to get a good set of solution.

    Does this leave a bad aftertaste and if you use this along with a water filter will it remove the after taste if that is a problem?
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    I have no idea about the thyroid removal question. I am not a doctor.

    As for Polar Pure, it works very simply: Keep the bottle as it arrives, which is with a small amount of iodine crystals at the bottom of the bottle. Leave it empty until you are ready to use it. The bottle is designed to keep the crystals from pouring out, with a trap contained around the neck of the bottle. When you fill it with water, wait 4 hours before use, and fill the cap as a measuring device. After each use, refill bottle and store as usual. The crystals will not "disappear" because there is only a certain amount of iodine that can be absorbed into the water. The crystals will last long enough to treat about 2,000 quarts of water. I use this product, and it does leave some aftertaste. It is a fine product, but remember it is considered to be on the watch-list of the Feds because a few idiots decided to use it for meth production. I recently bought some from Amazon with no questions asked. If you are worried about the taste, then bring some Kool-Aid packets with you or some vitamin c tablets. DO NOT add this until after the Polar Pure has fully completed its treatment of your water.

    Link for more information here: Polar Pure Water Disinfectant
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