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  1. What are the chances that the polar shift comes around this year or next and trumps every other SHTF scenario? I've been monitoring and preparing for the H5N1(2) pandemic and the collapse of our economical system, but I have always had an eye on polar shift developments. It seems undeniable that it's currently underway, and more recent events suggest that it's happening faster than usually thought. That together with the fact that polar shifts are thought of happening every 300K years or so and the fact that we haven't had one for over 700k years makes it likely to happen. I haven't done enough research on this and if it was to happen it would overshadow any of my other worries. Is BugIn the best defense? And what PS specific items would you need in order to survive such a cold environment? And I have young children on board. I don't mean to ambush anyone with my questions, it's just that if it does happen soon... Well I'm running out of time, and I want to be prepared.

    In a polar shift the economy would be evaporated, gone, so the collapse of our current system would be less than important.

    On the H5N1(2) scenario the flu virus would not be able to survive the type of cold temperatures a PS would command.

    Thank you

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  2. CAT-astrophic

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    There are a lot of ways the world can go. Ice age, disease, asteroid, the ring of fire, nuclear war, and even black holes.

    All of the options are discussed in a movie I watched recently called "Apocalypse How". It's interesting and certainly gets you thinking.
  3. With all due respect I don't just seat around thinking about possible scenarios, I have invested in education and research of "more likely" events and then have concerned myself only about scenarios "currently underway". Thanks for your input but I am actually just looking for advice on Polar Shift and the correspondent preparedness.

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  4. CAT-astrophic

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    Also, as far as I understand the polar shift. It's when the magnetic poles switch places. North would move to South and South would move to North. Once the poles complete their shift everything would be fine. It's the part in the middle that is scary. When the poles are in the process of shifting, the magnetic field around Earth would go away. This magnetic field is what protects us from radiation from space, solar flares, as well as many other things.

    This is a link to what I'm talking about :

    Discovery Apocalypse 2012 Part 2/5 HD - YouTube

    At about a Minute and 40 seconds its covers everything that could happen.

    I really hope none of us are alive to see any of this.
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    Its all good. I just thought that it was interesting.
  6. Good info Cat, nice video, but maybe I didn't explain myself well and I apologize for that. I don't need extra info about the polar shift, I have done extensive research on the subject and I think I am as up to date as possible as a civilian. My point to this thread was about PS "survival only tips".
    Thank you though

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  7. Silversnake

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    My planning is for 4 things.

    Bad things happen and I bug in short term

    Bad things happen and I bug in long term

    Bad things happen and I bug out short term

    Bad things happen and I bug out long term.

    There are too many possible catastrophes to plan for them all individually. This planning method can be scalable as far as persons supported. It is also flexible enough to transition from one plan to another mid-stride.
  8. Right, that is kinda the way I think too, however, the extreme cold temperature during a polar shift will require special equipment/clothes in order to survive. That's the information I'm looking for

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  9. melbo

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    PS would toss just about everything I've prepped for out the window. My preps are for short, mid and long term but not really for Extinction Level Events (ELE). In a case of PS, I'd say you might be best buried away in a cave/bunker somewhere around the equator.

    I know a little about PS but honestly haven't given the scenario much thought.
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  10. Gunny Highway

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    +1 to that Melbo....

    Really unless you have that extinction level event bunker complex with hydroponics etc etc etc It's just a crapshoot but man is a survivor and a remnant of mankind will always survive IMO
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    Not wanting to hijack the thread but I just saw where the Sun is in the middle of a polar shift and right now has two positive poles one in the north and another in the south and they expect next month the sun to develop two negitive poles that are on the solar equator. They call this a solar Quadupolar event , the last time this happened was a little over 300 years ago as best as the Japanese scientest can determine..This was at the time of the little ice age...Not a lot of info yet but we need to keep looking .....
  12. TheEconomist

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    The above was a study on this. Can anyone translate this for me? I am having trouble understanding the implications.


    If I understand this correctly what it is saying is that Sigmoidal eruptions will begin to occur. A sigmoidal eruction cannot occur in a system that only has two poles as there is no Null Point. These occur like many other coronal mass ejections do. Basically, there is a massive energy build up until they can break the magnetic field that is overlying the core field. Once this happens there is a CME type event. Solar flare as most of us call it.

    With a Quadurpolar sun the ejections would be heading out on the same plane as the earth. With that in mind there is another important factor to realize. The overlying field may not reconnect...this means we have no idea how long these eruptions can take place. This could even mean the sun COULD split in half. This could happen is the Global Coronal field does not reconnect. In a situation like this we are all dead and it doesn't matter.

    But lets assume that is not going to happen and we are simply under assault from the suns radiation. With the sun in a polar shift its magnetic field is weaker.

    Now lets assume the earth is undergoing a shift and our magnetic field is weaker allowing in more radiation. With the increase in solar activity and radiation being spewed at us in our orbit this could be a disaster.

    At least this is how in interpret the information...

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  13. ssonb

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    Dang man I wanted more info not blow my mind!!! :D
  14. TheEconomist

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    Just do as the others say and prepare for the 4 possible situations. Big In short/long and bug out short/long.

    beyond this join a roaving band of road warriors and kill others for what they have...if your conscience will allow you to do so...

    mine will not.
  15. oth47

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    Well,there's a whole heap of things I could choose to worry about..polar shift is not gonna be one of'em.If it happens I'll deal with it the same way I do any other problem.

  16. Please enlighten

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  17. oth47

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    This sounded a little smart-alecky which was not my intent.I'm not belittling anyone's thoughts on EOTW scenarios.I don't prep for such an event for the simple reason that survivability will be limited to local pockets of humanity scattered throughout the world.And my chances of being in one of those pockets are not that great.My prepping is for the ones I'll leave behind when my rendezvous with time comes.My prepping is for localized shtf situations,storms,power outages,riots etc.I pass on as much knowledge and as many skills as I can and I teach those of my family to live each day to the fullest.Over-simplified and fatalistic viewpoint maybe,but that's just me.
  18. sgt peppersass

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    the videos didnt work on my computer for some reason, if the poles switch is the whole earth going to be cold or do climates rotate as well? I wouldnt mind a little florida sun in the republic of mass :)
  19. In response to the weather thing the movie "the day after tomorrow" is strangely accurate to most scientific predictions even though they attributed the polar shift to the desalination of the oceans due to polar melt down, which is not necessarily a fact. When it comes to weather changes prior, during and after the event though they dead accurate. Probably for centuries after the event the polar ice would become a ring/ belt around the equator and warming up as you move away from the equator. Alaska would be tropical weather, massachusetts would probably be a tad warmer than today but not a lot
  20. Jeff Brackett

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    Depends on which kind of polar shift you're talking about. Most of the discussion here has been in reference to a magnetic polar shift (which most studies now seem to think is the more likely scenario), In that case, there would be a temporary interruption of the earth's protection from the sun's radioactive energy. Theories vary in how long it would take, and how severe the damage would be.

    There is another, lesser discussed polar shift theory though, and this one could conceivably give you that Florida climate that you crave. It has fallen out of favor in recent years due to the hoopla over global warming because it depends on the growth of the polar ice caps.

    Some of us older folks will remember that in the '60s & '70s, scientists were warning us all of "global cooling", and we were taught that the earth was actually in a lull between ice ages. I recall being told that we could expect another massive cooling within the next century or two.

    This likely led to the "capsizing" theory. In this variant of pole shift theory, the ice caps grow a little every year, increasing the already existant wobble of the earth on her axis until a critical point is reached. At that point, centrifugal force causes the more massive poles to swing out toward the equator, much like dropping molten lead on top of a spinning tennis ball. Once the new equilibrium is reached, the ice caps are at the equator, begin to melt, and begin the whole cycle all over again.

    This theory was the basis for some interesting apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic books back in the '60s and '70s, and there is actually evidence that it may have happened before. If this were to happen, the theory says there would be two points at which life/civilization would be relatively safe. Those would be the pivot points around which the globe would rotate into its new allignment. The farther away from those two points one is, the more violent the relative speed at which your part of the world shifts.

    These theorists claim that this explains the floods reported in pretty much every ancient culture (Chinese legends reportedly talk about two floods). They point to various other legends that discuss the sun changing its path in the sky, which is supposedly how it would appear to those who were at one of the pivot points, and of course, the legend of Atlantis being swallowed up by the seas.

    And they point to physical indicators, such as peat fields and ancient trees buried under ancient ice caps where annual sunlight is insufficient to allow growth of trees, or mammoths buried in ice, apparently flash frozen with tropical flowers still in their mouths and stomachs.

    I will say that the evidence presented in the ficitonal books I read as a kid was pretty convincing, but I don't recall how much of it was based on fact. I do remember reading about the mammoths in scientific magazines, and was always interested in anamalous artifacts such as ancient maps that showed Greenland as two separate tropical islands, centuries before seismic readings confirmed the fact that beneath Greenland's ice cap was indeed a twin island system.

    But as stated here by others, this is not something that one can likely plan for. In theory, one can calculate the safer pivot points if one knows the specifics of the axial wobble, but I wouldn't know how to do it. If it could be done, then one could begin prep by relocating to one of those pivot sites (assuming they are on land). Short of that, all one can do is continue to prep for whatever eventuality life throws at you. If it happens, and you survive the initial pivot, then you'll be set. If you don't survive it, then you won't need to worry about it anyway. :D
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