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    Today's political clime is not one to get caught napping in. Nod off for one second and *poof* your Constitution could be so radically altered you would not recognize it. Let us do some smoke clearing here:

    Defining the Health Care terms:

    A non-profit health cooperative, or "co-op," is a member-owned group that assembles a network of salaried medical providers and negotiates payment rates with them. Membership is voluntary; consumers decide whether a co-op's costs, coverage, provider networks and other features are superior to those of private plans. Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a key member of the Senate Finance Committee, first proposed the idea of a co-op alternative to a public health insurance plan.

    Public option
    A public option, or "nationalized plan," is a government-run, government-funded health insurance option offered as an alternative to private insurance companies. Obama has said a public option will make health care more affordable, because people would pay premiums 10 to 20 percent less than they would in a private insurance plan. - This would also vamp up the unemployment rate in the US by 20-30% because the private insurers would not be able to compete against the Public Option, dump employees to cut costs, go bankrupt and end up having to terminate their employees.

    Private insurance
    Health coverage provided by companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, GHI, and United Health care.- As crapy as this is, it is the best system in the world.

    "Single payer"
    A term used to describe a system that would collect all health care fees and pay out all health care costs. This type of financing system has been proposed to eliminate administrative waste, because it would force doctors and hospitals to bill one entity for services -- rather than several private insurance companies that have different billing procedures. -This is what the "Public Option" will become. Mark my words. Read my earlier blog post about why England cannot dump their Nationa Health System, and think on these points.

    Some Democrats, like Sen. Max Baucus, have proposed a so-called "trigger" in the health care reform legislation, which would keep a government plan on reserve in case private insurers don't meet certain benchmarks. - This is a thinly disguised way to sneak in the "Single Payer" system. See, if the private insurers cannot meet the Government's standards and requirements, the "trigger" gets pulled and we get a Single Payer system whether we want it or not. Beware Klingons bearing gifts.

    Medicare and Medicaid
    Medicare is a government-backed program for seniors 65 years or older. Medicaid is a health option for low-income individuals and families. - These programs are bankrupt. Kaput. Busted. They are ripping off money from the Social Security program to cover the shortfalls. Read up on my Social Security post from earlier. Scary crap. We have been asleep at the wheel people.

    "Socialized" medicine
    Critics of Obama's health care reform, like Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, have called the idea of a public option "socialist" -- meaning the option would drive private insurers out of business and create a government-regulated system that provides health care for all. Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines "socialism" as "any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." - Call me a critic. the PotUS Health Care reform is nothing more than socialized medicine, cut and dried. Read the bill it is scary.

    "Rationing" care
    Critics charge that a government-run health insurance system would lead to health care "rationing" -- meaning that care would be given according to need. Obama has countered this charge, saying the "public option" will provide greater access to health care. - two words, and mark them carefully: Canada. England. This is what the have. A single payer system so overtaxed that they have to ration care.

    Health insurance exchange
    A phrase used to describe a "marketplace" for various health care options -- including a government plan -- that will increase competition. - Keep the government option out and we are all good. Remove the state line restrictions and give the medical industry a taste of real competition.

    Doughnut hole
    A gap in coverage for seniors within the defined standard benefit under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. The doughnut hole requires seniors to pay full cost for drug prescriptions after they reach a spending limit. - As Grandma or Grandpa or even Mom or Dad about this. It exists now.

    Electronic records
    The Obama administration has called for all records to be computerized within the next five years as a way to modernize the health care system and lower costs. - This is already happening, but needs to be standardized. This is a good idea as long as private info stays out.

    Part II -

    Not too long ago I was listening to a radio talk show. Of course the Universal Heathcare came up. One of the callers was a very determined young man who wanted to show that the host of the radio show had this whole Obamacare thing all wrong. His argument was and I quote "Well, if universal healthcare is so horrible, and the English hate their system, why don't they just drop it? Huh?"

    OK to answer the doofus caller, since the radio talk host did not use these facts, I have this to offer: The reason the English cannot just drop their "National Health Service" is very simple to understand: they are the THIRD largest Employer in the WORLD after the Chinese Army, and the Indian Railroad. Fully 1.3 million employess, and of that number 1/3 or roughly 500,000 people work in the bereaucratic end (social services, paper processors, payment approval etc.). If England were to completely dump their current medical system, that would unemploy fully ten (10) percent of their populace instantly (England has a population of 5.1 million persons as of 2009). That boys and girls, is a scary number. That means England would lose 10% of its annual tax revenue INSTANTLY, and would subsequently have to start paying benefits and lost wages to those who now have no jobs, a double drain on their already overspent taxes.

    However, this does not even start with Germany's problems with their socializd medicine, and we all know that Canadian Socialized medicine is imploding.

    This is what we are in for. Speak now or forever pay the bill.
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