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    Honestly, I think I will stick the the wisdom of the monkey kingdom in here. I like much of what Ron Paul thinks, but he's a politician. I always take them with a 400 lb grain of salt.
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    Well, Ron is no longer a politician. While he was he gave back half is salary to his district. Ron is a Lover of liberty. My question is this, Is this a good book? Does anyone know anything about Porter Stanberry? Many of the things Ron talks about in the book deal with getting your money out of the governments reach. Hide it ,move it, convert it and more. I have already put a lot of my wealth in silver which this book states may go as high as 150 and ounce. I have no savings for them to take.. Our retirement has been put into product that my business sells. Fishing lures. I get a much larger return then any investment when I put it into product. However if the dollar gets destroyed Im pretty sure people wont be buying fishing lures. I am looking hard a ways to put money outside of the governments reach. So who knows anything about this book?
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    Well with Dr. Paul backing it that automatically (in my view) moves it up to near the top of the reading list. So I'm now researching it.
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    I've read quite a few "survival" articles by Porter Stanberry. I haven't read the book. I suspect it's a compendium of his articles, plus maybe a little more on the side. However, if Ron Paul is endorsing it, it must be a solid book entirely on its own. Otherwise endorsing it would be a political mistake. And that wouldn't seem to be the kind of mistake Ron Paul would make.

    I've seen the free-book offer. It costs $5 or $6. So it isn't free. Stanberry is probably making a buck or so per book--times a few thousand copies. Which is perfectly reasonable--people that write should get paid for their effort.

    But "free" is deceptive. If it was really free there would be a stand-alone option to download. Or he'd put it on Kindle for free.

    That being said, the articles I've read had legitimate content, mostly from a stock-up and stay-out-of-trouble perspective And Stanberry did seem genuinely concerned about his fellow man.

    So it's probably an OK deal, on the whole.
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    Only thing I can find is an interview Stanberry Research did with Dr. Paul in April. Looking up Porter Stanberry opened into a whole can of worms of infighting amongst all the financial doomsayers.fighting for space(and my dollar). Probably will read some of it as time permits.[dunno]
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    Most of the Stanberry stuff I've seen is buy his reports or books and those say follow his investment advice and invest in things (for a good while it was farm land) from which incidently he makes money. To much conflict of interest for me to give any credence to his words.
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    The only things I've ever heard/read from Stansberry was a couple of years ago (@Airtime, I think we are remembering the same thing) and his advertisements on the radio for his "Buy Land!" websites. All of the domain names were in the format of "endofamerica"+"some four digit number".com. Not only that but all of his domains had an "on-close" ad that popped up when you tried to navigate away. Felt like a hard sell that you couldn't get away from which was a real turn off.

    His sites claim that he predicted the .com bubble burst, the 2008 crash and some other stuff with "startling accuracy" but if you do some research into it he was no more accurate than Nostradamus and a lot of his "predictions" were vague enough that no matter what happened he could have been right.

    Frankly, he comes across as a scam artist and I have run into too many of those in my life to deliberately put myself in the path of yet another.

    If Dr. Paul is endorsing it...he's getting paid. There is no way in my mind he's that dumb.

    I'm not fan of Media Matters but in this instance they are correct (basically all the crap I found out about on my own):

    Porter Stansberry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Oh, here you are!
    If Ron's Voice wan't so whiny, he may have had a real chance! His positions are on the issues are reasonable, that and his voice is what sunk his campaign, Sarah Palin had the same problem!
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    Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011

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    Thank you guys for the help on this one. I am swamped with work right now and have little time for research. Im going to watch all these vids after mamma goes to bed. Again guys thanks!!
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    NOTE the upload date for the first set is 2011.
    Dude has been talking the same talk for quite awhile...
    I doubt you'll learn much that you don't already know....but always nice to get reinforced.
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    Save your money, time, and sanity. The book is mostly hyped up doom and gloom, thinly disguised advertising about why you should subscribe to his newsletter. Then you get spam from him 4 or 6 times a day. In a nutshell, the economy is shot, the political future is dim, civilization is receding, the barbarians are winning, invest in precious metals.
    Nothing we didn't already know.
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    Well , after listening to him I see he is right. But I already knew most of what he is talking about. He probably was on the front line back in the 90's and early in this decade with this information. But yes as has been stated we all pretty much have this information. I continue to pursue independence from money and collecting silver. Self reliance will weather this coming storm. time to breed more bunnies and grow my chicken lines. I feel pretty well informed right here on the Monkey. :cool:
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    I just hadn't noticed Kingfish around.
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    Silver is my retirement savings for the most part....goji berries are looking pretty interesting too.
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