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    The terms used to give a name to each individual are just that names or working names, I could have used 1.2. And 3 or A, B and C just as well. The definitions are the important part and if you do not agree with the name used but the definition used fits your life style then feel free to give it any name you choose.

    PostSHTF society - The persons and groups that make up the postSHFT world.

    After the SHTF there will be a number of groups of people that will find themselves braving a world that no longer exist as they knew it.

    Teotwawkiens: TEOTWAWKI- is the acronym for the phrase “The end of the world as we know it.” And covers the world in general. It could also be expressed as TEOTWAIKI which is the acronym for the phrase “The end of the world as I know It.” and is a somewhat of a more personal acronym. A TEOTWAWKI acronym that deals with the interactions of people is TEOCAWKI. TEOCAWKI is the acronym for the phrase “The end of civilization as we know it.” Or it could be TEOCIKI depending on your point of view. TEOTWAWKI also stands for a way of thinking and a set of principles. A Teotwawkien see it as his or her duty to aid others around him or her by his or her actions and to bring about changes that will return the world to a preteowawki state or a return to a state of normalcy. A person need not have the resources to save the world on their own to consider themselves a Teotwawkien. If a personal has at least one skill or service that they are equipped to perform and the right set of mind they should consider them selves Teotwawkien. Some Teotwawkien will form groups that could be called Mutual Aid Groups {MAG/MAGS} preSHTF; MAGS can also be formed postSHTF. In a MAG each member will have at least one specialty that they are able to contribute to the efforts of the MAG. Being a member of a MAG will not necessarily preclude a person from profiting from there labors and may very well increases ones opportunities for making a profit. Some postSHTF groups calling themselves MAGs may rule that its’ members must surrender there possessions to the MAG as community property. The Teotwawkien must investigate any such groups fully , as in fact they may not be a TEOTWAWKI MAG but in fact a group that only seeks to gain power and wealth.

    Preppers: A person that is only prepared for an emergency situation stocks enough supplies so he or she can hold out until A) someone comes and saves them. B) The situation corrects it self or is corrected by someone else. C) They have run out of or low on supplies waiting for A and B to happen and they are now forced to come out of their hole and try to restart there life with the situation as it is. This group will have headed the government’s warnings and will have followed the Government’s recommendations on how and for what they should be prepared for. Although there will be some Preppers that will go above and beyond the recommendations of the government most will only prepare as they were instructed by the government. The die off in this group will be lower then the Dependents. There will be some from this group that will turn to a life of barbarizing, those that do will be formable as they will likely be well equipped. A number of the persons in the Preppers will inter into a state of denial and will not believe that the government is not coming to save them. How the Teotwawkien handle those Preppers during this time of denial will determine if those Preppers will become a viable force helping in the reconstruction of our world. All Preppers will be lacking the one thing that makes them a Teotwawkien and that is the mindset that the government will not rush to there aid and all hope for the survival mankind could rest on there shoulders.

    Survivalist: A survivalist takes being prepared to a level that for them A, B or C will never happen. At the first sign of trouble the survivalist packs up every thing that they hold dear and goes with all due hast to their fortress of solitude. Anyone that is unfortunate enough to find them selves in the way of the survivalist will be considered a self-positioned resupply point. The survivalist will make no effort to help with the recovery unless they benefit from it more then the persons that they are “helping“. They may very well through there actions hinder the efforts of the teotwawkien to bring about the recovery. At any time the Survivalist feels that others have more then they do they may well make an effort to take what they feel is theirs by right of survival of the fittest. There will be times that it will be equality in the best interest of the teotwawkiens and the Survivalist to work to gather toward a common goal. This mutual aid pack could include bringing a group of bandits under control, keeping a right of way passable or eliminating a group of dangerous animals. When the teotwawkien deals with the Survivalist the teotwawkien must be careful to explore any ways that the Survivalist could use the contact as an opportunity to take control of the resources that the teotwawkien have gathered and or created. If at any time Survivalist feel that they will be benefiting from the arrangement to the same amount or less then the Teotwawkiens then they may withhold there help unless the Teotwawkiens pay them a tribute. Even thou it will be in the best interest of both groups to work together equally, the Survivalist may very well ask for payment for there part in the joint effort. The teotwawkien should make it very clear from the start that no tribute will be paid to the Survivalist and any help that they provided will be in there best interest.

    Dependents: The persons that will pose the biggest problems for the teotwawkien will not be the Prepper or the survivalist it will be the dependents. The Dependents have lived on the dole for all of or most of their lives. The dependents are all of the people that spent there preshtf lives saying “Nothing bad could ever happen and even if it does the government will see to all of my needs as they always have.” and who are now dependent on the teotwawkien for there daily bread. This group will hold the belief that the government has and will always be there to care for them. This is the group that most of your bandits will come from. Even thou this will be the group that will be the most troublesome, there will be some in this group that will come to understand that the sooner the recovery starts the sooner there quality life will improves. It is those few that that the Teotwawkien must seek out and put to use as soon as possible. As this group will have the highest rate of die off, the Teotwawkiens must reach out to this group before the hardship of the new times reaches the point that surviving Dependents turn to a life of barbarizing to support themselves. The Dependents will also include most of the persons that now work in the field of public service. A large number of our public servants will turn to a life of crime; they will justify their actions as being in the public good. It is not unseeable that one or more of our public servants would set them selves up as king or dictator, forcing those under them to pay tribute to them. In the group classified as Dependents will have a large number that are not Dependents by chouse, these Dependents will include children, the aged and the mentally and physically infirm. The children should be given the highest priority. The teotwawkien will have to care for their new dependents while they motivate and teach them how to care for themselves. When the recovery starts the teotwawkien may well find that he or she will have to make some very hard decisions as whom he or she will be able to help. The biggest decisions will be, “do I try to help every one that needs my help or do I help only the ones that are most worthy and that have skills and abilities that will help me bring about a state of recovery?” I do not have an answer to this question and I hope that the time never comes that I have to find it.

    Bandits: Bandits are persons that have formed a group for the purpose taking advantage of the lack of law enforcement. Bandit groups can form pre or post SHTF. If they form preSHTF they will do so in the short time frame right before the SHTF happens. They will take advantage of the fact that law enforcement will be preoccupied with preSHTF activities. Bandits will come from all walks of life and with or without previous criminal histories. Although a large number of the Bandits will be persons that were engaged in criminal actives in the preSHTF world there will be some and possibly a large number that where not. There is a saying “A lock is to keep honest people honest“. What this means is a person that is truly honest will not commit a dishonest act regardless if they have an opportunity to or not. Sadly not everyone in this world is truly honest, if they were there would be no point in me writing this. The outwardly dishonest is easy to spot and will be of little concern to the Teotwawkien until after the SHTF. The biggest threat to the Teotwawkien will be those persons that are in the closet when it comes to there dishonesty. There are two types of closet dishonest. The first one is the person that will commit small acts of dishonesty, then justify there actions with “If they did not want anyone to take it they should not left it there.” or “ They should pay more attention to what they are doing when counting change”. If you look for those small acts of dishonesty the Teotwawkien will be able to spot this first type and they will only be of real concern to the Teotwawkien, if the Teotwawkiens take him or her into there confidence. The other kind of closet dishonest person is the person who has never committed a dishonest act in their life sense they are bound by the laws of this world. The only thing that keeps them from committing a dishonest act is the threat of punishment and once they feel that threat is no longer a reality they may very well go to the extremes of dishonesty. It is from this second type of dishonest person that you will find your biggest threat, as they will most likely be educated, skilled and be well acquainted with hard work.

    Kings & dictators: It is not unimaginable that one or more of our public servants would set them selves up as king or dictator, forcing those under them to pay tribute to them. It is also possible that citizen would in postSHFT times set him or her self up as a king or queen. More then likely if this was to happen they would come for the bandits groups and be supported by there fellow bandits. The groups of citizen that would be most at risk of this happen to will be the ones that are long on resources and short on defenses. Bandits find a settlement of survivors, they split in to groups one group attacks the settlement and the other one runs then off. Now they can sell their services as protectors to the settlement, by the time that the citizens realize they have been had they are under the thumb of the bandits and the leader of the bandits is now there king. Kings could also come from within a group. Some one in the group think they should be the leader for what ever the reason and get a few followers to back them up or convince the group as a whole to place the in that position.

    Saviors: Follow me and I will show you the way to whatever they are showing the way to. At some time before the SHTF you will see individuals pop up proclaiming to have seen the light “come onto me and I will save you from the evils of the world, have some
    Kool-aid“. Cults will pop up like daises, Pre and Post SHTF. The population of Jesus Christs will hit an all time high. As the time of the SHTF draws closer and it becomes obvious to wide Majority of the citizens that something is about to happen and that it is not going to be good what ever it is they will start to seek out anyone that can give them a sense of security. Churches will have a large influx of new “believers”. With this increase in faith holders the churches will be able to expand their power. This increase in power will for the most part have a positive impact on the world in general. There will be at least a few religious leaders that will take advantage of the situation to line their own pockets. This is as fare as I can go with this one, is there any one that would like to help with it?

    Opportunist: Pre and Post SHTF there will be a number of persons that will take advantage of the situations, as they develop to make a profit off of others. Some will offer ligament products and services but most will be nothing but con artist. There will be others the will offer their products at greatly inflated prices. The kind of scams that will be perpetrated will depend on the events that lead up to the SHTF and the form that the TEOTWAWKI that happens. You will find speculators taking advantage of the instability in preSHTF society. PreSHTF There will be persons and/or groups of people that well manipulate or attempt to manipulate the stock market for their own gain. One way this will be done is by buying large amounts of shares of a commodity thus driving up the price then selling them causing the price to drop so they can buy them again. You will also see the promotion of get rich quick scams such as buy with no money down, GFDA marketing pay us money to get a catalog and sell to your family and friends and Scamway make money buying product from yourself. There will be persons that will take advantage of the times by speculating in real estate, gold and silver. You will also have the common flimflam artist selling his own brand of snake oil use, eat or take this and you will not get sick. An investment opportunity can’t lose, for only $29.95 a month you can have a safe and secure home away from home act now only available for a limited time. PostSHFT you will find speculators that will be investing in technology collecting all of the preSHTF gizmos that they can find in the hopes that one-day that the world will return to a preSHTF state.

    From Wikipedia
    Warlords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Disambig_gray.svg" class="image"><img alt="Disambig gray.svg" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/5/5f/Disambig_gray.svg/30px-Disambig_gray.svg.png
    The plural of Warlord, a name for a figure who has military authority but not legal authority over a subnational region.
    Warlord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Question_book-new.svg" class="image"><img alt="Question book-new.svg" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/9/99/Question_book-new.svg/50px-Question_book-new.svg.png
    A warlord is a person with power who has de factomilitary control of a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority. The term can also mean one who espouses the ideal that war is necessary, and has the means and authority to engage in war. The word has a strong connotation that the person exercises far more power than his official title or rank (if any) legitimately permits her or him. Under feudalism, in contrast, the local military leader may enjoy great autonomy and a personal army, but still derives legitimacy from formal fealty to a central authority.”
    The post SHTF world will most certainly have individuals or groups of individuals that will endeavor to acquire land and other resources by means of force. As these warlords expand their territories they will likely encroach upon the territories of other warlords forcing these areas into dispute. The expansion by a warlord of his territory may very well put him in conflict with groups that do not wish to be a part of the warlord’s empire. Warlords will most likely come from the same individuals or groups that makeup the Survivalist, Bandits, Kings & dictators. The persons serving the warlords will most likely come the same individuals that fall under the category of dependents, Bandits, Opportunist and Antagonist. Teotwawkiens must be ever vigilant as to the development of the groups and individuals that are in their area, even if these groups are of some distance away. Any time that Teotwawkiens see indication that an individual or group is developing in the direction of becoming a Warlord they must take appropriate action to prevent the individual or group’s rise to power.

    Antagonist - AKA Trolls
    Antagonist are present in every walk of life and not be more likely form any one category of persons or groups. PostSHTF you may be less likely to encounter Antagonist among the Scroungers and Travelers since it is in their best interest to try to keep their customers happy and it would cut into their profits if they were to foster any bad feelings. The Antagonist may work as an individual or with one or more others. In any group dynamic setting it is likely that the group will have at least one Antagonist. The Teotwawkiens ability to identify and then render an Antagonist ineffective could very well be one of the deciding factors in how well their group will prosper. The Antagonist is a person that gets great enjoyment form seeing others in conflict whether it be with others or with him. The Antagonist may considers his activities as a form of entertainment or as a means of having power over others. An Antagonist will not only play one group member against another or one group against another they will also play the entire group against it’s self. In a group dynamic setting the Antagonist will disagree with every idea or force the group to waste time discussing even the most basic issues. Teotwawkiens need to under stand that not every one that disagrees with the group is an Antagonist. Some persons may feel so strongly about the survival of the group that they become a little overbearing and take it onto themselves to ensure the group’s survival. The group will need to do their best to under stand this person’s point of view and to get this person to understand that they are all in this together and only working together as a teem will they flourish.

    In the postSHTF world there will be people scrounging the corpse of the world for any thing that could possibility be of value to someone. Some scroungers will have an innate knack for finding treasures of the lost world wile others will only be able to find scat left behind by a dead society. Scroungers will not only be a source of material goods but also of immaterial goods such as information, labor and goodwill.
    I reserve the right to add to this or change it.
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    I watched a movie the other night called Children of Men. Populations fighting against martial law, after SHTF. It had every character in it you described. It is a must see.
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    "Children of men" one of my favorites +1 "doubleplusgood"! a must see.special features are worth while too.very current.:)
    I put recently "brazil in our netflix que trailers look great. Terry Gilliam does"1984"...
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