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    Was wondering if anyone has a Maxpedition Remora. I was thinking of using it as a canteen cover, but wasn't sure if a canteen, canteen cup and stove would fit or not. It looks like it would be big enough with more room for kit than a standard canteen cover. But I didn't want to pull the trigger until I know for sure. If you gots pictures, even better!

    Second question is about the Hill People Gear Tarahumara. I love mine. Was just wondering if anyone added pouches to theirs to extend the capacity. Was thinking of a couple of those 12x5 water bottle holders, but again, was wondering if anyone has tried anything it improve capacity. I like that the Tarahumara is bare minimum gear capacity. But find when I go hiking with the family, it is full and some items like my hammock, get left out.

    If the Remora works, the would alleviate some space in the Tarahumara. Was thinking of using the Remora as a kind of front pouch. I pretty much have to take the Tarahumara off to get at my water. Not a big fan of bladders. And thought of the Hill brothers' idea of strapping a small bottle to the front. But if I can carry full sized bottles, plus the canteen cup, which I love, that is my bonus.

    When I go hiking with the family, my girls always drain their water and end up drinking down most of mine. So the more the merrier.

    Thanks for putting up with my rambling and thank you in advance for your feedback.
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