Power outage Honda to the rescue

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Kingfish, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Kingfish

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    Last night we had a pretty violent lightning and thunder storm and power was knocked out around 1:00 am. We were still up watching a movie. Normally we would have just gone to bed and waited till morning but We have 28 eggs in two incubators on the last 7 to 10 days . I got the Honda out and had it running in less than 5 minutes we were back on . Only lost about 1 degree in the incubators as the wife put the little blankets over the units. I had to get gas from the storage pit to fuel the genny. Power was restored around 5 am. Once again preps save the day.
  3. Yard Dart

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    Genny saves the day.....well done!!

    Probably a good reminder to all, to make sure and inspect/service their generators before the fall..... you just never know when they will be needed.
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  4. William Warren

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    If generators are anything like snowblowers, tuning up an Ariens will cost more than a new generic unit from Home Despot. The next time the damned things breaks, I'm going to say "The hell with it" and call a plow service!


    William Warren
  5. kellory

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    Might be a good idea to have one fuel can with the generator (start up fuel), to save a step.
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  6. Kingfish

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    The good thing is the Honda performed perfect again. This unit is pretty old. W e bought it in 2004 and paid a premium price because we had massive power outages when we bought it . Paid like 1600.00 for it. 3000 watt cyclo inverter. Honda. Last night it started in 6 pulls after being unused for 11 months. The gas is non alcohol boat gas with Marine stabilizer in it. I just now ran the carb dry and filled it again with fresh stabilized gas. Good to go for the next use. This quality Generator has proven over and over and again that you get what you pay for. It has been to Canada camping, all over the Upper peninsula of Michigan and has covered our butts in over a dozen short term power outages. Honda is top shelf in small generators. We run the Big boy 8000 watt Generac three times a year to keep it limber other then that it sits waiting for the end of days . :)
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  7. stg58

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    Honda generators are great they just work.
  8. Tully Mars

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    Even when they shouldn't they still do.
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  9. Kingfish

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    @ Kellory, all our gas is the same stuff. I store non alcohol based unleaded boat gas with marine stabil in it. So far we have used 4 year old gas in our chainsaws with no trouble.
  10. Tully Mars

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    The portable gensets here get started and ran for 30 minutes every month or two. Honestly, sometimes I forget so say every 60 days to be safe;) I use the same fuel/stabilizer as you mentioned. After that time I shut the fuel petcock off and let them run til they quit. We've never had a problem with any of them starting right up since doing this.
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  11. Kingfish

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    That is how I run mine dry as well. turn the gas off while its running until it quits. Works great and doesn't leave gas in the carb for months.
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  12. Kingfish

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    The little 3000 is all we need for short term outages. I have had family ask why dont we run the 8000 watt Generac??? The reason is fuel storage . The 8000 runs on Propane and I can keep Propane for decades. I paid under 2 bucks a gallon for 400 gallons of it. I cant replace it for that. Most of you guys saw how we set it up so you guys know how versatile our panel set up is. That 3000 is run into one of our 100 amp sub panels labeled necessary circuits. It keeps the fridge and freezer going and the phones and computer. I can watch repair progress, monitor weather and plan according on how much gas I need to carry us through. In the event of an EMP or other statewide power outage we would go into long term mode . Run the big genny and can everything in the freezer then fill the water cans and shut down only running from then on to keep us in water.
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  13. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    My point was, you could eliminate a step, by leaving one can with the unit, instead of having to dig it.out of storage. Many outages do not last longer than what is in the genny. With one can for refill, you extend that window, and /or have refill gas ready. (Either to use, or to refill the genny then rerefill the can for next time.
  14. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    I have to keep this gas out of the heat for long term storage. Normally I have a can in the garage but this outage caught me without and I had to dip into my stored gas supply for a couple gallons. But yes having gas easy to get to is best. It only takes me 5 minutes to gas up and run even with getting it out of the Pit.
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