Practice Makes Perfect

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    So what have you done as far as training, practical exercises for grid-down or other forms of emergencies? Have you practiced extended power outages, lack of city water/sewage, lack of natural gas, fridge is down and the stove won't work.....

    Tell us what you have done to practice/train/prepare for natural disasters or SHTF..... whatever drives you to be prepared. I have lost power 4 times this winter with some for multi-day events... half my fencing was wrecked by wind and trees on the West side.... and so on. We all have weather issues, but what are you doing for the bigger events.... have you taken the family and familiarized on all your weap's.. have you prepared a set of gear for each family member and have they worked with it to make sure it "works" for they know how to use the water filtration plans you have.... can they cook on your "other" cooking devices or will they eat the food you have put away???? ;)
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    Mega super good post. Nothing teaches like reality. A week without electricity can turn anyone into a dedicated prepper.
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    Just what I needed! Pulling the Main next time American Idol is on! :D
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    We did this back in 2009 when we had the Generator installed. We went almost two weeks from an actual power outage. Check.
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