Prelude to War, the 2nd Civil War

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    I think what people don't realize is that we can create the world that we want. Its a powerful idea but it is true. The feelings of uneasiness and fear are all in our heads and just as those who made the world what it is today drove us here, we can change course, not for everyone, but for ourselves. We need to expand our minds to see a bigger picture. Let go of all your ideas of control and embrace creativity. The one singular thing that differentiated us from Neanderthals, evolutionarily speaking, was imagination. That's it. That one single thing allowed us to survive when Neanderthals perished. There are always answers, its just that not everyone can see them.
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    Oh, we go way back at least 15 years and Mindgrinder as well. It's nothing we haven't discussed before at some point between ourselves. :)
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    LOL! [LMAO] That's nothing. The POTUS and his family can do that every day infinitum and it won't even dent the budget. I think the human mind has great difficulty even imagining what 20 trillion dollars looks like. The thing is, it can't ever be paid off --ever. The closest the .Gov can ever come is to refinance (for instance selling land to the Chinese or UN). It has gotten so ridiculous, even debts are sold (and traded) as assets, and there's no end in sight to the true nature of debt to the private banking cartel. But, that has been the design all along...
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    More and more often these days I find myself wishing that the BS would end and we could just go to guns and get it over with,winner take all...
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    Frustration is a bitch, but we have a system; flawed as it is, it is still the best system on the planet. The Left would like us to become a third world nation where the mob rules, but until they disarm the American population; that goal of oppression isn't about to happen. This is why they keep harping on gun control on the Left. This is why the Left does nothing about violent crime. Both feed their agenda.
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    I'm getting too old for all this nonsense. Let's get it over with - maybe.
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    Democracy is not the best system on the planet. It is tyranny of the masses designed to rob you of your money, property, freedom, and life. I would rather have 1 dictator 1000 miles away than 1000 dictators 1 mile away. A Republic is a good step in the right direction but a true government for the people would be owned by the people with full responsibility laying within the individual people, not some farcical group of people pretending to act for the better good to your face while stabbing you in the back and raping and killing your family. You can not have freedom with a group of people telling you to go get a license so you can protest them bombing hospitals. Never has anyone in the history of the world, or any other universe for that matter, gained freedom by asking for permission.

    Mark my words, the next step in human evolution will happen when individual rights are stronger than groups. How can that happen? In our minds. Everything you do begins and ends in your brain. When we realize that one person being a slave (whether physical, monetarily, mentally, or spiritually) is a threat to all people. Government is slavery.
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    We were never intended by the Founding Fathers to be governed, we were meant to be Represented. Unfortunately, that representation is polluted by special interest lobbyists. Our needs are set aside in favor of the deep pockets agenda of the Political Action Committees. My great grandparents allowed this decay by not being politically involved with their representative to focus on building a farm that could support their family and that apathy intensified following WWI with my grandparents, who returned from the fight in Europe and built a life for themselves and their family. Their children, my parents, just wanted to get on with their lives following WWII, and the phrase "You can't fight City Hall" became popular. We are talking 120 years of neglecting those who represent us and it will take time and perseverance to regain their attention.

    A few statements that I like...

    Freedom isn't free!
    Anyone who surrenders their Freedom for the Illusion of Security has Neither.
    People get the Government they Deserve.
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    In a recent poll of generation snow flakes they were asked if they would support military strikes on Islamic state targets. Over 60% said yes.
    But when asked how many would join the fight less than 5% said yes.
    They might talk tough but thwy are still Generation pussy.
    So I'm not too worried about them.
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    If you take away the legal entity known as "corporation" the problem is gone. If companies are owned by actual people and not legal fictions then they wont have immunity for people who get killed by their products. It also eliminates the 'zero accountability' problem with things like dumping toxic waste into the ocean and poisoning people with PCBs and other toxins. If your board of directors knew they would fry for killing people intentionally you can bet your ass it wouldn't happen. Then people would be over profits.

    And while we're on the subject of legal statute, we should get rid of it all together and make only common law valid. All else is an abomination.
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    Well Motomom might well be right in her dollar amounts, seems way high to me, but let's say it is right. One difference is Donald is picking up his own tab for a lot of it. And of course let's just look at what Obama and family spent (which was never covered) when the kids were put on the gov't pay roll, vacations, golfing trips (and he looked like an idiot too!), personal servants, plane trips (remember when he sent Air Force One to pick up ONE person to fly to DC to get some made up award?), "gov't" travel when it was not openly called a vacation, Secret Service detail, 20 to 50 car cavalcades through towns, well the list goes on.

    Am I happy with what has happened so far? No. On the other hand, he is surrounded by 8 out of 10 (I might be low on that by one or two) traitors (to creed, culture and country), career politicos who are fighting him every step of the way, judges who let the EXACT SAME THINGS done by Obozo go through but fight Donald every step of the way, idiots rebelling because he has not done enough, idiots rebelling because he is doing too much, riots by the left (NAMFA, snowflakes, 1%ers, Soros paid useful idiots not covered before), etc. When someone steps in to quicksand you don't throw them a anchor and tell them to swim for shore, you see if they can find the bottom and walk out, or offer to throw them a rope and help pull them out. If you can't help, and least don't hinder them!

    Donald is the FIRST President to offer hope for the American people in 90 years and has more crap to wade through (remember the others were traitors going in) than most. Some didn't sell out America fast enough to suit some, others sold out too fast to suit some, but they were all of the same "sell out country club" and Donald is in ANOTHER country club they don't like and want to destroy. A train does not stop on a dime, it takes about one to 7 miles at least, how much more for a COUNTRY to stop and back up?

    Sure draining the swamp HAS to be done, NEEDS to be done, but when you are shooting alligators every inch of the way just to see WHERE the swamp is and haven't got close enough to it yet to see the extent of the swamp, and where to dig, then you got to give him a little time.

    As I said, he may not be making me happy, but he is doing his best and the alternatives are, and would be, worse no matter what he does or does not do.
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