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    A NOMEX lllA fiber and at 98% Aramid and 2% carbon fiber this is the best combo pants I own. I stumbled across these a few years back after the last wildfire in my area. My US Dept of the Interior clothes were pretty wasted and they did not hold up. This design has the needs and construction of a front line Smoke Jumpers Gear a more advanced model than the hourly wage brush chopper receives.

    Being rip stop and Nomex and Kevlar they are a great pant for any rough service enviroment.

    Price? Well if you want to live through a Wildfire then put the money where your ass is.

    BE AWARE fire pants and other fire gear are only washed with Nomex clothing, no cotton in the wash, unless you want to be a flash prepper!!!

    Shop around on ebay and you may find them for a better price.

    Line Gear : Crew Boss ADVANCE (Kevlar) Brush Pant -Khaki [02-WBPCA7K] - $284.00$254.00

    Crew Boss ADVANCE (Kevlar) Brush Pant -Khaki
    Crew Boss
    Advance Brush Pants are constructed of 60% Kevlar/40% Nomex IIIA Advance ripstop fabric, these are brush pants on steroids. Advance fabric offers superior durability, abrasion resistance and exceeds NFPA 1977 standards. Two ply yarns of Nomex and Kevlar are woven into Advance fabric providing exceptional cut and tear resistance, assuring a longer life of the garment. Advance provides a superior thermal barrier while releasing body heat. Advance remains strong and flexible after extreme thermal exposure. All the same design features of the original Crew Boss pant.

    • Elastic back band for ultimate freedom and comfort
    • Seven oversized belt loops to accept 2" web belts
    • Two generous rear pockets
    • Oversized, extra deep front slash pockets
    • Extra roomy leg and seat cut
    • Exclusive crotch reinforcement panel
    • Unidirectional bellow thigh pockets with full flap closures
    • Hook and loop ankle straps covered with Nomex fabric for heat resistance
    • Self locking brass zippered fly with snap closure
    • Nomex thread throughout to insure the strongest seams possible
    • Stress points bartacked at 10 locations for maximum durability
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    Those are some good tactical pants to me but I wouldn't spend the money for em but they are nice don't get me wrong.
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    If you have never worn Nomex, Kevlar, or other flame resistance treated fabrics, I can say from first hand experience they are hot.

    I have a box full of issued (free) flame resistant uniforms that I won't ever wear. There is a noticeable difference in hot weather between them and a regular 50/50 NYCO blend.

    If you reside in a northern, cool climate, maybe.
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    Then you need to give this type a try.

    I have worn the typical non breathing, stiff and prickly clothes of which you speak. Good only in 60 degree weather.

    In fact I have some "issue" gear still in the wrap.

    This stuff if soft and just about as neutral as you can hope for. Summer its like a pair of old levis that just seems to "be there" but is not hot.

    Winter it is more like a warm pair of thin leather driving gloves, not wind proof but also not the chill factor of other stiff treated materials.

    Yup I was happy and surprised.

    I'll grab these to do dangerous work any time, fixing fence, walking in tall grass (snakes) or just working around the place.

    Had them since 08 (clothing tag is date stamped) and they look as good as the day I unboxed them. "Cept they are even softer now.
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