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  1. I've seen many people on here say that they cant do much to prepare for a SHTF scenario because they don't have the finances, so I thought about things that cost around five dollars that anyone could afford, maybe you buy spend the 5 dollars every week or maybe every month, either way these small steps will still allow you to be more prepared.

    five gallons of purified water
    nearly two cases of bottled water
    five pounds of rice
    three to four pounds of spaghetti
    Five pounds of Oatmeal
    three one pound bags of dry beans
    one manual can opener
    100 rounds of .22lr ammo
    three Bic Lighters or two big boxes of matches
    50 ft of para cord
    a roll of duct tape
    a flashlight
    a toothbrush and tooth paste

    There are also some over the counter meds that are less than five dollars

    Please add to the list, I know I only touched on a few items, I just want people to know that it doesn't have to be expensive to get prepared
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    Start your first aid kit with a 5frn bill at a time, too. If you don't use it because you are careful, after a year or so, you will be well equipped.

    (Good idea, Zach.)
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    if you buy OJ, and want to store water...use your empty OJ containers like these:
    Already food grade, served one purpose and will serve another if you clean it out and put water in it.
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    If you watch for sale items at the grocery store, based on recent local sales;
    Chunky soup(meat,carb,veg all in one) 4/$5
    tuna 2/$1 = 10 cans tuna
    can vegetables 3/$1 = 15 cans
    TP(good brand) 8 rolls
    store brand saltines 10/$10 = 5 boxes
    chicken noodle or tomato soup 2/$1 = 10 cans
    peanut butter $1.50 = 3 jars
    Idahoan instant potato packets(4 servings) $1 = 5 packets
    mac & cheese, store brand 4/$1 = 20 boxes
    canned spaghetti sauce with meat $1 = 5 lg cans
    10 lbs flour
    25 lbs sugar

    just a few off the top of my head
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    Best reuseable plastic 'water' bottles I have found are the "Arizona" brand 1 gallon tea bottles. Very heavy duty plastic, rated for potable liquids. Far stronger than milk jugs. The tea ain't bad either. [beer]

    Often you can find great deals on canned goods at the dollar stores. Same stuff as the grocery stores, but half or less price!

    Cruise the yard sales - good deals to be found on camping/outdoors gear. When Junior goes off to college, Mom&Dad will sell all that unused gear for CHEAP!
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  7. Yea please keep this going, if anyone has any ideas I didn't want this to be just about food, but for anything that someone on a budget could get started with. Thanks for the continued posts and I hope to see more ideas. Here are a few more from me to keep us going.

    Map of your area
    4 pack of batteries
    9 volt battery
    small caribiner
    extra socks
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