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    I have recently been asked to assist with a state committee for prepping /evacuation for the disabled.. as a result I have several down loads that may be of interest…

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    This is going to be a lttle harsh. When my dad was still alive he was O2 dependent. I realized if the shtf he was not going to make it and just accepted that. There has to be a very harsh assessment made as to the reality of what we are going to be able to do. Gov has a different prospective.
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    Not "harsh" Dog, just facing Reality.... There are many dependent folks, that will be in a World of Hurt, when the Infrastructure fails, or the Transport System fails. It will be like Dinosaurs, when The Ice Age came on them. Adapt, or Die, and somethings you just can NOT adapt for..... Oh Well, If you are an AfterLife Believer, dying isn't all that much of a Big Deal, anyway.....
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    Or if you're a reincarnationist. Personally, my husband may be blind, but still pretty capable (I have bruises from our last sparring session!), so he's not in bad shape. For anyone that's dependent on machinery, all I can do is wish 'em 'godspeed'.
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    Thanks. I got 'em all, and I'll take a look tonight.
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    Or whole cows while they're still hanging.
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