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  1. Is it learned behavior, or is it as I suspect genetic? Grampa was a scrounger/builder of things from other things, Dad was the same. Brother and nephews and I, are to a lesser extent the same. Maybe it's because we saw that "stuff" can be repurposed that we do it. Wife couldn't believe some things I did. Man would I like to have that room full of treasure.
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    Yes, it's an acquired sickness, much like collecting cigars. You're the same as your father because he had a bunch of stuff lying around for you to build and experiment with. A little knowledge of tools, welding, perhaps you took apart an engine or ten here and there as a child, and before you know it, you can identify treasure from another person's junk. It's all downhill from there.
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    There is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. Most of my Coleman stuff date's from the 40's through the 90's. And they all still work today. Haven't purchased a NIB gun since I moved in my apartment. All other are used. Even my truck and camper is used! Good stuff is out there if you look.
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    I get things that are cheap and given expensive things that are worn out .
    Some stuff is worth rebuilding an some is pure junk . the junk get's stripped and fasteners saved and the rest recycled .
    Due to the signs of the times I'm a little less hesitant to loose metals and plastics I might not be able to find in the future. and while making repairs one can improvise sometimes unique things require their own chemistry to repair , Plastics for instance are not all alike.
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