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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by mikecrom83, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. mikecrom83

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    I am jumping on the primal bandwagon. I think long term eliminating all the processed food etc...would pose a problem if switching to your storage? Cross that bridge when it gets here? Any input?

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  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    I think it is survival eat what you can when you can. I'll try to stock more meat's butters etc and seeds. but i'm keeping my dry good incase all else fails.
  3. kellory

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    In survival mode, you should be getting more than enough exersize to offset the added weight.
  4. Falcon15

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    As a long time primal/paleo eater, I can say I concur with Quig 100%. I am canning meat and ghee like crazy, I am stocking seeds of primal vegetables and planting fruit trees at the BoL. Additionally I keep a flock of ducks (specifically Muscovies) and rabbits. My fellow group mates keep cattle (and stock appropriate items), as well as grow hay.

    However, I will not ditch the dry goods for two reasons:
    1: If my crop fails or there is a bad period where being outside and exposed could pose a danger to my or my family's well being, I'll still have food.
    2: If everything works out, I can utilize the dry goods to trade or even as charitable food for those less fortunate (under or unprepared).

    Either way, nothing will go to waste, and I will not eat the dry goods primarily.

    Rabbit meat, duck meat, beef, pork, fish, anything that walks, swims, flys, or crawls can be canned if it is done properly.
  5. BTPost

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    I would also save any Bacon Grease, and bottle, it once it has been up to temp. Then use it, instead of Cooking Oil, in a SHTF Senerio... ....
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  6. mikecrom83

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    I guess I was just expressing concern over a switch back to grains and whether your body would reject that. Not to mention I would prefer to rotate when possible.

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  7. Yard Dart

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    The wife wanted to take all of our dry goods that do not fit the diet and provide to the local food shelter. But I stored them away instead as @Falcon15 did, for the same reasons. If I need to fall back on the food stores, I most likely will be running at a high activity level to offset the carbs. As far as food rotation, what nears the end of shelf life will just be donated to the shelters, in leiu of eating it in our day to day meals.
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  8. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    I was forced to switch back to "standard" eating when I was unemployed a couple of years ago (lets face it, paleo/primal is not cheap). We gained some weight back. We did not suffer as badly, because our bodies were cleaned out by being primal for so long prior to switching back. If you ease into adding the "bad stuff" in because you have no choice, you will be amazed at how long you can eat like that without any real negative effects.

    You have to remember, primal/paleo is literally a detoxification diet. It takes literally years to accumulate the amounts of toxins to cause significant harm to yourself.

    Besides in a long term SHTF scenario if I am down to eating non-paleo foods I have stored, I think I have much wider concerns about my personal well-being, other than some dietary choices.
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  9. Falcon15

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    I alsohave 2 5 gallon buckets of coconut oil - the most long term, stable, healthy oil - in my preps. Add in any animal fat I can harvest from livestock, I am good.
  10. mikecrom83

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    This is good to know. How long?

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  11. mikecrom83

    mikecrom83 Monkey+

    Nevermind I googled

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  12. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    If stored properly, at least 2 years. 5 years is not unusual. I just cracked a 5 gallon bucket that is 5 years old and it is fresh smelling and tasting.

    Coconut oil does not need to be kept in the refrigerator. In the Philippines and other tropical climates, where the ambiance air temperature is much higher than North America, people traditionally have not refrigerated coconut oil. Virgin Coconut oil is very stable since it is unrefined and mostly saturated. Store the oil out of direct sunlight. In the tropics coconut oil is almost always a liquid, since it’s melting point is about 76 degrees F. In North America it will usually be a solid, butter-like consistency. It can be stored in either form.
  13. kellory

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    Don't worry, we never mind if you googled. Just. Clean up the mess when you're done.;)
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  14. mikecrom83

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  15. Motomom34

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  16. kckndrgn

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    @Motomom34 , thanks for that link on coconut oil. I've been using it in almost every meal and taking a spoon full off an on, but I think now I'll make sure to take my spoon full EVERYDAY.

    Wonder who figured out it was an SPF4?
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  17. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    I'm actually pretty lucky in that I never stocked a lot of grains beyond livestock feed. Wheat and corn is sealed and stored but it's for the critters. I have a few year's worth of Jasmine rice, and maybe 60# of white flour (keeps a lot longer than the experts claim), but the bulk of the stored carbs is Idahoan "real potatoes" mashed taters that come in these boxes from Sam's Club. One box is around 60 servings. I got enough that we could both eat them every single night for 2 years and still have some left. Everything else is meat... three freezers full of pork, chicken/turkey, and beef. And the freezer on the fridge is nothing but bacon. :D I do need to get some butter canned tho. Normally I just toss it in the freezer but since I switched from regular stick butter to Kerry Gold, I'm down to just 2 blocks.

    But yeah, if the day comes when you're eating preps, you won't care what it is as long as it's food, so no way am I tossing out anything... not even those boxes of .50 cent Mac&Cheese. I'm certainly putting more effort into setting back primal approved stuff, but if spam or Food Club mac&cheese go on sale I'm getting them.

    I do have a few hundred pounds of white sugar, but it's for brewing not eating. :D
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  18. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    @kckndrgn is that not the oddest thing? Coconut oil SPF 4. I read it twice. My girlfriend told me to use c.oil on my skin because she said, "have you ever seen a Jamaican with dry skin?" I guess it is the same with spf factor, I have never seen a Jamaican with a sunburn.

    @ditch witch, LOL on all the potatoes. Thanks for the Costco tip. Question: do you have backup power to run those freezers for a long haul or would you smoke the meat if the power went out for a month?
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  19. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    If that happened I'd be canning like mad. We have propane burners in the garage that I can on now, no power needed. BUT, ever since the Mr. got a saltwater fish tank he's been talking about getting a big whole house generator so hopefully that'll go in this summer.
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