Primitive Fishing w Gorge Hook

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    This is a really old method for putting some fish on the table when you have no tools and are in a survival situation. Gorge hooks can be made from thorns or whittled from wood. They will generally only catch larger fish because of the mechanics of how the hook works. It doesn't catch in the mouth like a traditional hook, but when a larger fish grabs it and begins to swallow it. The upright thorn that is hidden in the bait will turn sideways in its throat. The thorns lodges in the throat and the fish cannot get away. This is a neat little trick for fishing when you have nothing! Post any videos or tips you have for primitive fishing techniques!

    YouTube - Gorge Hook Primitive Fishing
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    I prefer traps for tool free fishing. Plus they can easily be practiced without a license and returns the fish unharmed. Bottle traps are good for bait fish or extreme need. Just cut the top off a 2 liter bottle and put it back in upside down. The bigger the bottle and hole are the bigger the fish you might catch but also the more smaller fish you might lose. Eddy traps work great in small streams. Simply find an eddy where fish are or you think they might be. Place sticks or rocks or what ever you have so that there is a wall surrounding the eddy with only a small opening towards the downstream side. Go away or wait patiently for it to fill with fish, then block the opening. If they are brookies, be ready for jumpers going over the wall!
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    yup just like that.


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