Printing money = collapse near

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by CATO, Aug 30, 2015.

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    @sloth.... it's a buyer's market, Not a sellers market. ;)
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    I can sympathize with you @Cruisin Sloth , tried to get my wife to let me practice Stud service for some extra cash, got slapped up side the head! :LOL:
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    Folks , It was an BS joke , Im lucky when life happens , but no way are my services in that arena worth more than neighbours Black Angus BULL (of two tons) ..Both Heads OK Dont !! (no not again Ms Dont )

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    It was a really good joke too and we are teasing you back =)
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    I tried to stud the Mr. out but apparently my pimp hat is on crooked coz I got no takers.
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    You did the Vinegar post also ?? , looking BC I thought that & another one just posted , is about this .. Vinegar around here is , "Would you Like To Super Size That ?" Smell ..

    wife use's this for everything !!!
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    We are really off topic now..

    Ok, the fed reserve controls all the money here in our little bit of the world.
    Dept is encouraged by the banks and the fed reserve controls the dept.
    The fed reserve works hand in hand with the other central banks of the world.
    The fed reserve gained more power and control during the depression in 1933 and they gained "ownership" of everything through the EWP act..
    Our financial system can not continue as it is.. Nor can the other financial systems of the world.
    1929 was a world wide economic collapse that came at the end of a conservative administration.
    The incoming socialist president seized vast powers through the EWP act.

    Now for the Tin Foil...
    Again, what advantage would the banks gain from a world wide financial collapse..
    Would it be possible that there is a secret time limited contract between government and the banks?
    Why are the democratic candidates so flawed they may not stand a chance of winning..
    Could it be that the next republican president will follow in Hoover's foot steps?

    Did I miss anything? Did I get anything wrong?

    World wide telecommunications is totally dependent on satellites, so who controls the satellites? Who can flip the switch on them? And I remember the dot comm bubble. That did not end well..
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    I also think the way to be ready for a collapse is with physical wealth. Bit coins are fun for now but if the S hits the F who the heck is going to want them if their family is starving. They will want food. It is all about supply and demand and currency, any form of currency, is no different.
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    And then there is TEXAS!!!
    Texas Wants Its Gold Back | Survival Forums

    Texas Gold Depository Bill | Texas Sound Money
    There exists a bill (HB 3505) to create a Texas Bullion Depository. HB 3505 would establish the Texas Bullion Depository as an agency of this state in the office of the comptroller.

    The Stated purpose written right into the bill is to:
    • Provide basis for intergovernmental payments and transactions between persons.
    • Create a process and mechanism by which to function in a systemic national or international collapse.
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    @Ganado re: Texas .... Amen! (exactly) Texas "knows"
    I can only DREAM... that Texas would "Lead the Way" and utterly REVOLT / create their own-independent economy (officially!) against this wicked financial tyranny that controls EVERYTHING... but, they must be wanting their gold back for a very very good reason.
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    Yeah Mystery....

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with you on ... PHYSICAL wealth
    (I only -- can -- go on ... and "on" about the technology b/c I'm a "fan" of tech)

    but YOU...
    are absolutely correct in my own opinion.
    I also came to that conclusion (right around the year 2000) that "Physical Assets"

    (whatever they are / whatever you happen to own)
    are going to separate the Sheep from the Goats
    and provide "Real" ... "economic" viability

    it IS an actual possibility that we "could / might" simply "Lose" the internet or access to it... my earlier argument is merely that IF an internet exists... so will the "hacking".
    and so will the "coin".
    but long ago I did come to the conclusion that Physical Assets will determine the daily quality of your life.... PERIOD.
    -I won't deny it.

    (raises hand tentatively).... I DO "offer" uhm... ahem...

    *services* ....
    (or willing to trade-- if not for cash and gold) (it's ppppPossible I could be a 'stud'...)

    re: "Tinfoil"... "The Reserve"
    what advantage would the "masters" gain? yeah... I really don't "get it"

    But I suppose we HAVE sort of provided an "incubational-media" within which this current / corrupted system could fully develop .... Within the "shadow" of American Freedom...
    (this 'corrupted' use of our political and financial systems / American "independence")
    Right in FRONT of us / under our noses (for the last century)
    so ... *immediate* shutting down of the money / totally / now? ... i don't see how it'd serve them right now. it'd only "alert everyone"-
    unless what Alex Jones has been saying is true. And "They" are even MORE balsey than we presupposed...

    maybe "They" really Really do see "no need" for The Population ... as of now.
    and it's just a matter of slowing-us OR wearing-us down ?
    (so "We".... simply don't march en-mass over them?)

    unfortunately... i do think the "Logic" of that above statement COULD be true.
    after all.... as a "Mass" .... "we" are absolutely a threat.

    and a complete "toppling" of the system would be the "Final Step" of shutting down the global (or a single continents) population. ASSUMING THAT POPULATION IS NOT AN "OFF GRID" POPULATION..... (hence, "offgridders" are now being classified as "terrorists".... *sigh*.... I hate being 'logical' ... dammit... it's depressing)

    but "Right Now"? .... I do not think it'd be an "advantage"
    we are too Healthy / Strong / Have 'Spirit' / Defiance / Hope....

    so right THIS very moment?
    if everything "shut down".... I think EVERYONE (even the dis-believers / deny'ers) would stand up and "revolt" ... I don't think it can "happen" just now. BUT... we ARE seeing an escalation of the "social / legal" issues, and the institution of militarized police (with a hovering threat of military intervention)...

    Vigilance..... is Demanded.... now.

    (sorry I type fast- 103 words per minit-) I'll try to chill it out / slow it down- but... I do believe that "things" are happening quickly now. (it's why I "joined" here). ... I do write / have blogs / communicate well. AND I've actually been aware of what's happening for a long time.
    I'm not intending to write a "book" at each posting...

    I've just never been an "actively engaged" prepper. But... I'm now 'ready' to literally throw stuff in a bag and "Go"... (the "signs" are bothering me) And I was born / raised a country boy... and I just WANT very much to return to the country... Like Yesterday.
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    I have Black Gold and sitting on 17mmcf of Nat.Gas....per day!
    I take food as trade.
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    Have mental images of Mad max...:LOL:
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    VERY WEIRD PATTERNS. OooOoOoOoooo! Scary!
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    Lunar and the Stars Rule!
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