Texas Wants Its Gold Back

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by UncleMorgan, Jun 16, 2015.

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    Would like to see Idaho follow the example of Texas..
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    I knew they'd demanded it back but never expected it to happen.
  5. UncleMorgan

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    I suspect that with very little effort Texas could become the New Switzerland and wind up with more gold on deposit than California ever dreamed of mining. And right along with that, they could form the Texas International Bank, and provide snoop-free banking and investment services to clients all over the world. That could be a real boost for the local economy.
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    and ALL without dealing with the FEDs, or their Banking System, by using State Chartered Banks..... The only issue would be that they can't print their OWN MONEY, because as long as they are in the Union, only the FEDs can Print Money, so they would have to use GreenBacks, or someone else's Currency, backed by Texas Gold.... Now if the Seceded from the Union, then, the Sky is the Limit, but I suspect that would Start the Second US Civil War....
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    I have been repatriating Silver, Gold and Lead for years.
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    Perhaps not. They can transfer gold between accounts. They would need to issue gold backed credit cards for transactions between bank clients. All gold would remain within the bank, and just get reassigned per gold contracts.(within the banking clients)
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    State Charter or not, they would still have to have Deposit Insurance from the FederalDIC. Unless, the State chartered its own deposit insurance fund.
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    You don't really own gold, silver or anything until you hold it in your hand and have the will and ability to keep others from taking it.
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