Propane/NG conversion

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by kckndrgn, Sep 10, 2007.

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    OK, Got a new generator now I'm curious if it's worth it to get a kit to allow me to run it as a tri-fuel generator (LP,NG, & Gas).

    The total kit is just over $200.00 and looks to be fairly simple to install. I've thought about this since I keep 3-4 20lb propane tanks on hand (used to heat my workshop in the winter) and my house has a NG line.

    I'm looking for Pro's & Con's to converting and if anyone else has done this.


    This is the place I was looking to get the kit from :
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    That sounds like a VERY good idea, but I'd need to do some more studying before buying. It's true that NG and propane are easier on engines than gasoline, but there are probably some drawbacks.

    Hopefully, someone with experience will respond. I'd buy one of the conversions, for I'm already set up for a NG hook-up (I had a NG-burning spa in the backyard, but it was old, so I up-graded to a "power-saver" electric spa. The NG line for the old spa was capped where it hooked up to the spa, so it would take just a few minutes to hook it into a converted gasoline generator).

    And, like you, I have (5) 24-pound propane tanks filled up, ready to go. Two of them, of course, are mounted on my trailer. Propane seems to last "forever" before needing to be re-filled! (Well, maybe not "forever"!)
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    Bump (to see if anyone else has any input)
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    If I was to get a generator that could handle the conversion I'd probably go for it because I like the options. However I'm going to be getting my Listeroid project going early next year so I'll be looking to veggie oil as my alternative fuel source.
  5. Rancher

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    I have purchased conversion kits from these folks twice in the past and have been very satisfied both times.

    I say go for it:D
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    More options is always a good thing.
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    Line pressure from the gas company will already be regulated down to inches of water column at the meter of your home. Make sure the regulator on the propane tank will bump the pressure down to 11-14 inches of water column, if using a tri-fuel conversion kit. Usually this is done in two stages, a high pressure regulator and a low pressure regulator, propane tank pressures are considerably higher than NG line pressure.

    Go for it [beer]
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