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    I havent really been participating much lately and been lurking alot, so, after being prompted, I figured I would jump back into the monkey with a write-up on my propaned heep...
    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]1) deisel & gas are "refined" hydrocarbons.. Meaning, you will always have a bottleneck at the refinery, and will always be dependant on distribution from the network for fuel.. The farther away from the refinery you are (if it can even operate) the less or non-existant availability of the product you may or not have access to.. Propane (along with natty gas) is not a "refined" hydrocarbon and can be gotten straight outta da tap (drilled wells) in any state that I care to reside/hide from the zombies in.. Worst case scenario.. </SPAN>

    2) I had no qualms with a 4cyl (as opposed to the I6) as, I dont plan on doing any extreme rock climbing/push my jeep to breaking point.. Nor do I expect it to be a daily 30 mile interstate commuter. The 4cyl (even on propane with power loss) in 4 low has PLENTY of power to get you up and down mountains and around many obstacles (as I recently took it to colorado on a shakedown run, alongside an 07' Jeep running 38" tires and an 8" lift).. IF I ever need to replace the 4cyl, I would go with a 350 SBC for ease of parts and efficiency.

    3) I currently reside in an RV, and so, my primary fuel source is propane.. (have my genny converted to tri-fuel as well – it can run on gasoline, propane, or natty gas. Thanks to gator for hooking me up and doing the conversion) My truck is diesel (and I can haul 170gals in my truck, to get me to my BOL), so why have the need for 3 different fuel types when running from the zombies? I also have a 250gal mobile tank (tank is on wheels) which can be pulled behind the jeep/truck/rv..

    I’ve already got a very informative thread that I did on a jeep forum, here’s a link

    Prior to adding the new tires and bumpers, I was getting 100-130 miles per 8 fluid gallons of propane.. After adding new tires and bumpers, I get about 70-100 miles per tank.

    My primary tanks are DOT approved 10gal (they only fill to 8 for gas expansion) forklift tanks. But I have all the adapters to be capable of utilizing BBQ pit bottles and coleman 1lb stove bottles.. Which I keep 2 in my jeep as reserves for emergency.

    Currently the jeep is setup to run with the computer and OE distributor, but I have parts on hand to swap it over to computerless operations if necessary.

    I know this goes against “conventional” prepper wisdom in being self-sufficient, stationary, and already setup prior to TSHTF, but currently, I cannot afford to do so, and so have made preps to be capable of being mobile during and afterwards so that I may round up family (600m away from me) and reach my BOL.

    My next ATV acquisition will be a horse, as my ultimate BOV.. lol




    Below are a couple of pics before fixing (32" tires, 1-1/2" shackle lift), after (32" tires, 1" body lift, 1" shackle lift),
    and during trip (fully loaded with BOB's/water/guns/kids).

    Eventually I plan on painting the jeep something a little more "suttle" than fire engine red.. olive drab or tan, krylon, ofcoarse.. lol

    IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0476.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0391.JPG
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    you left out methane as a fuel
    one you can make yourself
    just need a digester (could build one right in your rv)
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    To run methane you have to install different jets,becouse it has to be metered different.It doesnt provide the BTU's of propane,or natural gas.At least thats the understanding I got from reading an old book I've got(Producing Your Own Power).
  4. Suerto

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    I been thinking on that as well, have to figure out how to compress and pump it into a container, for ease of use.. Tween me and my dogs, we make plenty of methane already.. lol

    Right Matt, propane/natty gas/ and methane have different levels of BTU ouput.. (propane being the highest of the 3).. But, I dont think its as bad as having to change "jets" per se, just adjusting your vaccum level, which, would require a water column.. Similiar to adjusting multi carbs on a motorcycle.. (the only experience I have had with using a water column for adjusting carbs)... AFAIK..

    You would also have to adjust your timing as well..
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    Awesome! I don't know how I missed that on jeepforum!
    I assume you are running a carbureted 4cyl. How much did the conversion cost you in total?
  6. Sapper John

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    Sweet ride Suerto...My BOV is my 79 CJ7...
  7. Kingfish

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    I have a 1978 304 gas jeep. Its a beast. Not very good on Gas though. Kingfish
  8. VisuTrac

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    not good on gas but will push that NW Michigan snow all the way here to Detroit if need be.[beer]
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    I've been thinking of doing a 4BT swap into a 1/2 ton gasser. Minus the price of the engine, how much does it usually cost to get the swap done?

  10. Suerto

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    I bought a kit from, and carey has been doing it a while for offroaders, and is now a certified technician for on-road conversions. The kit cost $1000.. If I ever do another one, I'll prolly just buy the parts myself.. After all the research I did, I pretty much new what I needed, but it was nice to have it all in one package from someone who knows what you need exactly..

    Actually, no.. It was a throttle body injection gasser.. I disconnected the injector (I also completely removed the gas tank) and left it in place in the carb.. Re-read the jeepforum link, I got pics explaining it as well.. Many people who did it before me made it sound alot more complicated than it was, the coupler hose provided with the kit fit right into the top of the gasser carb.. (OD of hose was same as ID of carb body)

    Theres a guy near me who paned his Cherokee (I6 TPI), all he did was slap a propane carb on his intake and has a switch to turn the gas fuel injection pump off.. He too, posted with pics on the jeepforum link I provided.. ccc..

    Your being waaaaay too kind.. This thing is a battle axe rust bucket.. lol Only 2 body mount bolts came out, the rest either had to be torched out or I twisted off the heads.. We had to cut 8" off the rear frame and re-fab (due to rust), and eventually I need to re-fab the mid-frame crossmember (under the rear passenger seat), as, it too, has rust pretty bad.. But, its my heep, and for now, will get me where I need to go in the woods.. Also great for city driving, as, nobody pulls out in front of me or parks too close to me.. lol

    Depends on if you are doing it yourself.. You will have to cut and re-weld motor mounts, you will prolly have to move a crossmember (for the oil pan), you will have to research and get the appropriate cross-referenced bell housing - and even then, you may have to have an adapter plate made.. Everyone I know personally (5 people) who had converted thier jeeps or K5 blazers did it themselves.. And it was a lengthy process.. If you can do most of that yourself, then I would imagine it wouldnt be much more than a couple hundred bucks, moneywise..

    Having a shop do it for you, could cost more than the 4BT itself, easily. IMO
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  12. Kingfish

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    My 78 has had a lot rework. It has a 3 inch body lift and had a 4 inch suspension lift which I took out. Mine had 37 inch Super swamper tires on it. You could nto even steer as they hit the frame. Mine was a Mud runner. The entire thing is rino coated inside and out. Its like the tar mobile ha ha ha . I got 300 hp 304 with a 600 Holley 4 barrel, headers and all Dana drive line. ITS UGLY but its tough as all hell. Kingfish
  13. Suerto

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    Well kingfish, what inspired me with mine, is, we always had jeeps, and we went to superlift ORV park in hotsprings in an 08 JK 3" lift with 35" tires and my buddy brought his 63 willis (stock, cept for rollbars, seats, seatbelts).. That willis went everywhere we did (even lvl 4 trails) and it was simple and small.. So, couple years later we needed another jeep (due to necessity, we traded jeep for truck, then truck for car) I wanted something older, wife needed something with somewhat modern conveniences like a heater..

    Many people in the jeeping world are shooting for "the coolest toy on the block".. We arent there anymore.. We just wanted something that was inexpensive, reliable, easy to work on, that could still get us off the beaten path, and get us where we needed to go..

    So, we like it.. and I realize thats all that matters.. Cuz really, I'm not into breaking/fixing/spending money every other time we go to do something anymore.. lol

    I missed having our cherokee, cuz you could park it anywhere and not have to worry about scratches, dents, break-ins, etc. Beater sleepers are nice to have.. lol

    I thought about rhino lining it, but, I'll prolly just krylon paint it olive drab or sand, or maybe even do some impromptu camo to make it even more un-appealing.. But with it being paned, and me having a 250gal tank on wheels, I can putt 3000 miles without needing to find fuel, and that is really what I like most about it.
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    Morning Suerto...On tower or off ? and when you coming to Laffy...
  15. Suerto

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    off da rig.. for now..
    Next time in laffy will be next may, for certain.. I may get down there for xmas, but I aint scheduling vacation for it.

    slipnot gurl graduates in may, and we are escorting her to colorado where she is going to be volunteering at a wolf rescue/hippy commune.. (no grid power or water in the mountains)..

    You gonna have to come north of the mason dixon, if you wanna see me more often.. ccc..
  16. Gator 45/70

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    ...ccc...may have too..T-Bella going to rescue wolves...Now that will be an adventure for her...Look us up when you make it to Laffy...
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    We have a '72 Ford Bronco that we are going to convert to E100 yup MOONSHINE!! prob next spring/summer right now we are building our BOH (bug out home) and stockpiling/preping the BOH/L
  18. Suerto

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    I'm looking at getting a still as well, to uh, run my vehicle on moonshine.. yeah, that too.. lol

    alcohol has many uses.. lol
  19. Gator 45/70

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    Wait a minute...I pretty much need to test dat shine for you...
    Would'nt want you to burn a piston or two...

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