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    I've been following the videos of John Mark and genius entrepreneur Kurt Doolittle.
    The basic message is thus: The USA and the US Constitution is dead and gone.
    Civil war is now imminent and the only peaceful way around it is peaceful, negotiated separation.
    Baring no peaceful separation--a civil was will ensue and there will be forced separations/partitions of this country.
    Conservatives by sheer numbers, numbers of firearms owned and conservative support in both the military ranks and police ranks will win hands-down CWII

    Both men now agree that we are in the opening stages of CWII.
    The follow up to CWII is the new Propertarian Constitution which eliminates parasitism.

    Here's a link to all of John Mark's videos...

    John Mark

    Most recent video...

    Event announcement for the "Declaration of Reformation"

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  2. Big Ron

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    I like the Constitution. But the idea of separating the country is interesting. I once heard Rush Limbaugh talk about separating the Liberals from the Conservatives, his take was that the Liberals wouldn't make it. The city folk can't make it without the folks in flyover country feeding them. The country fragmenting is all slowly happening anyhow.
  3. ghrit

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    For one, I'm not ready to accept that "proprietarianism" is the wave of the future. The idea has been hanging around the fringes of political philosophy from at least the early 60s. It is probably closer to Ayn Rand's capitalism than it is to libertarianism, and worse, limits citizen's rights to those that own property. That said, it also implies that property includes oneself. You think proving who you are is difficult? Who owns you? Owning yourself is a gimme, but so far as I know, you can't get a passport showing that. What you do with yourself is far more important.

    I can remember clearly when dianetics was the be all end all, just needed conversion from sci fi to reality. That barrel of salted smelt has been open far too long.
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  4. Shinmen Takezo

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    Propertarianism has nothing to do with Libertarianism.
    The whole encompassing idea of it is, "reciprocity."
    The new Propertarian Constitution would enhance the current constitution by prohibiting parasitism.
  5. Merkun

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    Anything that depends on that many "isms" to convey meaning, well, comprehension suffers. "Reciprocity" between what and which?
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  7. Shinmen Takezo

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  8. Ganado

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    im smelling trolling... any one else getting that odor?
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  9. Shinmen Takezo

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    Who are you referring to?
    Question: how Is posting a video 'trolling?'

    I am not seeing any comments from any one who has actually taken the time to watch the spectrum of these videos--nor commented directly upon the points therein, nor have I seen any direct comment from anyone who has actually red the proposed Propertarian Constituiton. I haven't seen any direct comment from you, regarding any of the points within these videos about Propertarianism either pro or con or otherwise.

    This is a new video that just came out a day or so ago explaining the points of the Propertarian constitution.
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  10. Shinmen Takezo

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    Not really Ayn Rand's version of capitalism. Nor is it the fail idea of Libertarianism. Yes, it will limit the franchise of people who can actually make the decisions in this country--or shall we continue on with mob rule like we have, where the big cities run roughshod over the rest of the country (85%). Doolitle and John Mark (and everyone with a foot in reality within conservative circles) knows that civil conflict is coming--a civil war when conservatives no longer have any say in the federal government because of these dense leftist pockets. Through legal and illegal immigration this is nearly here. Trump will be the last Republican president of the USA, win or lose in November. The last one.

    The solution is to negotiate a peaceful separation from these leftist dominated areas--and if it means the redrawing of the already imaginary state lines, then that has to be done. One country controls all of Oregon--should all of Oregon be ceded to the leftists? No. Only a few counties (and not even that) controls all of California. Should we give the communists all of California? No. Ditto with Illinois. Ditto with Washington state. Ditto with Virginia and New York state and Colorado and so forth.

    The idea is to create 'city state' enclaves for the communist leftists where they can bugger themselves to their hearts content--but they will have no say, nor any voting privileges for the larger federal government.

    A new constitution will need to be drawn-up enhancing the principles of the original US Constition and implemented with strict limitation on voting yourselves benefits (parasitism) and imposing on others rights (reciprocity) and costs (which would include your quality of life). Individuals that do such--can be brought to the law on charges which is something that can be rarely done now.
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  11. Shinmen Takezo

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    Yes the country has fragmented--not is fragmenting. It is now in the process of decline and collapse, because the leftists/progressives control the key economic choke-points in this country. And if you may have noticed lately, there is a stampede of business from these areas into red-areas where political and economic climates are more stable.
  12. ghrit

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    One must ask, then, with whom do these negotiations take place? Another, but perhaps larger CHOP?
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  13. Shinmen Takezo

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    That's where it all falls apart--the leftists cannot even agree on what to put on pizza let alone negotiate something other than they can all agree to hate everything we stand for. So civil conflict is likely inevitable
  14. ghrit

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    So, it seems that falling apart is certain. Methinks it's unlikely that any breed of leftist will relinquish control, or even part of it as a compromise, to "negotiate" with another breed. Thus fails propertarianism at the starting gate. If/when it becomes a VIABLE philosophy, please let us know.
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  15. mysterymet

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    I swore an oath to defend THIS constitution.
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