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    Physical Training and Reaction Training

    Here is my Muscle workout regime that I stole from somewhere online
    I am still working up to the first weeks speed and strength. I am tired of being a Mall ninja and want to get into the best shape I can

    Reaction Training found somewhere else
    Again Just begining these things, but they are a start. Get good and save your life.
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    Cool workout, but I only ran for a PT Test, One hour a day on an eliptical is how I keep up my cardio, I am 42 yrs old and can max out the APFT run in the 17-20yr old group. My feet can no longer take the beating of constant long distance running, The eliptical is like trying to run uphill in sand with out the high impact delivered to your feet, plus I can do my one hour anytime no matter what the weather conditions.
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    That BUD/S prep workout is really something!

    I am 53 and have done a lot of hiking and did running including a marathon and a couple of halfs a few years ago. I was running up to 30 miles at a time and about 60 miles per week. Then my knees started acting up (high school sports injuries still plague me occassionally). And I put on about 25 pounds. So I looked around for a low impact way of getting back into shape. At first I did elliptical, cycle, and weights at the office gym. But I wanted something more real world and less dependent on fancy equipment. I found a free workout at

    It is a simple routine but has given me a lot of endurance and practical strength once again.

    Do each pair 1-3 times before moving to the next pair of exercises:
    1a) Pushups (up to 20); 10 sec rest
    1b) Squats (up to 20)

    - 30 seconds to 2 minute rest

    2a) Chinups or Pullups (up to 20); 10 sec rest
    2b) Alternate leg lunges (up to 20 each leg)

    - 30 seconds to 2 minute rest

    3a) Burpees (up to 15); 10 sec rest
    3b) Bridge (up to 45 second, rigid hold on toes and elbows)

    This is a great work out. I started off only doing a couple of chinups. Now, I am working in 5 sets of 6.

    I do this 3 times per week and try to work in a couple of days of a Kettlebell circuit, or running a couple of miles (if my knees allow).

    What I like about this routine is I am no longer dependent on a weight room or gym for my regular workout. I can do this routine in about 45 - 60 minutes in the family room watching TV or listening to a CD. When I travel I take an elastic band thing (bought it at Big 5 Sports) to pull against a door jamb in place of the chinup bar.
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