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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by kckndrgn, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. kckndrgn

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    OK, Found this item at my local WalMart on clearance for $7.00, so I figured I get it to see what it's all about.

    Looks interesting, I would think this in conjunction with another filtration/purification process would help make sure the water is safe.

    There were several more packages there, I was thinking about getting a couple more, JIC

  2. Brokor

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    oh, the Steripen is on the same page -excellent product. I highly recommend water purification as well as a high quality filtration system.
  3. Outlander

    Outlander Monkey++

    Purification and filtration go hand in hand. I like the Katadyn TRK Drip Filter so I can process larger quantities of water. It is however more of a base camp system.
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