Quake swarm in Arkansas

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by kckndrgn, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Since the 7th of October there have been 7 "small" quakes in the AR area.
    Earthquake List for 10-degree Map Centered at 35°N, 90°W

    Earthquakes in my area are not common, but do happen. Real Foot lake was formed from an earthquake that caused the Mississippi river to flow backwards, for up to a week I think. I'll have to check the time line on it. When the "new madrid" quake hit church bells rang on the east coast. I can't imagine what the damage would be like if the same strength of quake hit today.

    Unfortunately my wife works very close to the Mississippi river, in an area that is a "liquefaction zone". Our house is just outside the liquefaction zone, and where I work, the building is on solid bed rock (or so I've been told).
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    Not surprised at all...I have a feeling it's going to get worse...everywhere...
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    Historic Earthquakes

    US Geological Service information about the New Madrid quakes, yes plural. There was an initial quake then a series of quakes that followed.

    About Reelfoot Lake

    The Mississippi never flowed backwards...it just seemed to. Again from the USGS web site:

    Several maps are available and found through Google that show the areas affected by the New Madrid quakes back in the early 1800s. Basically all the way to the east coast, to the Gulf and north into Canada.
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    Yeah the New Madrid Fault extends down into NE Arkansas. Very active fault line. Sounds like an avg of around 20 a month? Not sure I'd want to live in the area.

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    Yeah, I didn't know anything about the New Madrid fault when I moved to Memphis. Everyone kept asking if I got earthquake insurance, and I thought they were nuts.

    Looks like I need to be calling my insurance agent to find out if I do have it or not.
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    Buy a nice big boat and have dock material put back, ya gona have lake front property some day. We are all watching yellar rock and this one might sneak up on us. We will never know till it's here that's the bad part.
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