Quarternary Ammonium Chloride

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  1. SoCal09

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    This product is used to sanitize the water used for rinsing dishes and glass wear with. Can this also be used to purify drinking water? Thanks in advance.

  3. bnmb

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    NO!!! It turns water to acid! If you need drinking water purification, go with Natrium ChlorITE, or Calcium HypochlorITE...
  4. SLugomist

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    No, it shouldn't be used for drinking water.

    Your best bet is Heat, or Bleach (sodium (natrium) hypochlorite),

    From chlorox website
    Disinfection of Drinking Water (Potable)

    When boiling of water for 1 minute is not practical, water can be made potable by using this product. Prior to addition of this product, remove all suspended material by filtration or by allowing it to settle to the bottom. Decant the clarified contaminated water to a clean container and add 8 drops of this product to 1 gallon of water (2 drops to 1 quart). Allow the treated water to stand for 30 minutes. Properly treated water should have a slight chlorine odor. If not, repeat dosage and allow the water to stand an additional 15 minutes. The treated water can then be made palatable by pouring it between clean containers several times.
    For cloudy water, use 16 drops of this product per gallon of water (4 drops to 1 quart). If no chlorine odor is apparent after 30 minutes, repeat dosage and wait an additional 15 minutes.
    Only Clorox® Regular-Bleach, of all the bleaches mentioned on this website, is approved for sanitization and disinfection.
  5. bnmb

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    Personally, I'm stocking 50 kilos of Natrium ChlorITE, and 50 kilos of Calcium HypochlorITE...both can replace antbiotics and are safest water purification agents...If I had to choose only one, it would be Natrium ChlorITE without a doubt...
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    The most economical way I have found is to purchase some "pool shock" and make your own "Clorox" solution. It is a dry powder and will last longer than us. A five gallon bucket will make thousands of gallons of solution suitable to purify many more thousands of gallons of water plus give you a solution to sanitize anything. It also comes in one gallon containers which is more than we will probably ever use.
  7. bnmb

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    I believe that pool shock is Calcium HypochlorITE...
  8. SLugomist

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    yes powdered bleach is calcium hypochlorite. aka bleach powder.
  9. SoCal09

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    Good to know thanks guys. I came across a bottle and wasn't sure. Acid is not good for drinking.lol
  10. SLugomist

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    Quats are disinfectants so they are good for cleaning pots and pans, surfaces etc. Using Quat would be more like spraying your water with Lysol to clean the water. You wouldn't want to drink it afterwards though, as your ingesting that chemical.

    There are a lot of references on Quats with a google search, suggested usage amounts, effectiveness on organisms, safety issues, regulation on uses with food contact surfaces (see CFR 21 and Quat. Amm.)
  11. bnmb

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    Just pay attention that I'm writing the last 3 letters in capital...chlorITE is different from chlorATE or chlorIDE!...just to make sure you don't kill yourself...chlorATE is poisonous, chlorIDE is salt...
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    And PERchlorate is FUN!b::
  13. bnmb

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    ROFL!...Yes it is! Especially if Kalium leads the party!... :D


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